DCeased By Tom Taylor is it Canon to New 52/Rebirth or Separate like Injustice?

Tom Taylor, writer for Injustice: Gods Among Us has ben teasing #DCeased for a while now, but I haven’t hear ny word from him nor anyone else if this story is canon with the main universe or separate like his Injustice series.
Greg Capullo’s artwork looks amazing, but with all I get monthly from my comic book shop I can only think of buying it in single issues if its canon. If not, I’ll wait fo trade paperback, but can’t fin any answers. Please let me know, thanks

What’s the sitrep on this series? Capullo’s involvement ratchets up my interest a thousandfold.

@Vroom not sure what sitrep means but May 1st is when the 1st issue is released, thats all i know. Its being called The Walking Dead meets DCU

Looks to me at first blush like a rip-off of Marvel Zombies, but we’ll see.

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Capullo seems to just be doing covers. He’s probably busy with Last Knight with Snyder.

@EricCurto “sitrep” is military parlance for “situation report”.

Tom Taylor is a great writer, since Earth 2

I would like him to get a regular book, besides injustice

Reviews will tell me if I buy.

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It is out of canon according to IGNs exclusive

I read the solicit in DC Previews and this looks like an easy pass based on the premise alone.