So is everyone dead now? Atom’s blast destroyed Metropolis… but could Dinah’s Green Lantern Ring hold it off if she made a barrier? If not, then Black Canary, Green Arrow, Jonathan Kent, Damian Wayne, Lois Lane, Black Lightning and his Daughters, Alfred, Flash, Wallace West, Hawkgirl, and Cyborg are all dead right?

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Let you know after read it.

I do find it strange that comic I bought have Sgt Rock on the cover.

Well it looks like very thing went BOOM. . It looks to be up to Superman and Wonderwomen

Mera is still in Themyscira

How about that short little time of giganta wreaking havoc by her long stomps and being shot at by missils, being punched by Superman and having the side of her head blown up by cyborg… pretty epic lol

I was a bit confused by the cover as well,course I also think they should put the elseworlds stamp too. I’ve enjoyed the story so far. I think either Canary or the Flashes will pull some of them out of the blast radius.

I think Dinah will be able to shield them with her ring. At least I hope so. I’d like Dinah and Ollie to make it out alive. The writer’s got a soft spot for them, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.