DCComicLub Weekly: Absolute Power

Welcome, welcome! Hello, I’m Carl. I’m LaQuita! Each Sunday, we will announce a comic for the week here in the DCUI Community and the pinned message in the “Carl’s ComicLub Weekly” channel on Ezeekat’s Treehouse Discord.

Ideally, as far as pacing, this is most ideal for those who are reading after original publication via DC Universe Infinite Ultra Tier.

Join us in reading and discussing the comic in real-time on Discord or here, but I’m not exactly sure how this will all on DCUI yet with announcements and discussion. For now, I think I’ll just update this original topic post. If there is any confusion, default to the Discord channel for real-time updates. Each week, on Discord, I’ll also start a thread for each comic.

Originally, we started off with #1 issues of the Dawn of DC initiative mostly, just to get a taste of everything (for now further reading can be done on your own).

In May 2024 we started to read some titles that lead up to this summer’s event ABSOLUTE POWER! Here’s what we’ve read thus far: Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1 & 2; Batman #145 & 146; and Action Comics #1064!

Week of **June 9 to June 15, 2024 **we will be reading Superman #13!

Discussion Thread For This Issue on Discord


  1. Support your local comic store or bookstore and maybe find a variant cover!?!

  2. Subscribe to DC Universe Infinite, and if you get the Ultra Tier, you will get comics a month after publication! Note that the Ultra Tier will likely be required for the comics we will be reading.

Here is a public playlist of everything we’ve read and are currently reading: https://www.dcuniverseinfinite.com/lists/27bad2ef-4614-44ec-9b6d-023353bdbd59.

NOTE: We also discuss the comic on our Giggles & Games Podcast: http://beacons.ai/gigglesandgames Our podcast and YouTube channel are not in real time. For weekly updates make sure to go to “Carl’s ComicLub Weekly” channel on Ezeekat’s Treehouse Discord.

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