DCAU Viewing Order?

Can somebody please direct me toward a DCAU viewing order?

If a mod sees this can you please move it to TV, Film, and games?

Moved for you. You talking the new DCAU like the new 52, or all together?

I mean BTAS, JLU, etc…

P.S. thanks for the move, I accidentally put it in the wrong category.

Including the movies that are connected to that universe like Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero.

No problem! I believe it’s BTAS, STAS, JLU, New Batman and the movies don’t have a chronological baring.

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What about TNAoB, BB, JL, and SS?

I think, TNAoB was last, JL was right after/during Superman. I’m not certain about BB and SS though

Well, it depends on if you’re approaching chronologically or by air date. Chronologically, Batman Beyond is last. By air date, JL/JLU is last. New Adventures is just the last season of BTAS. BTAS is first, Superman started during BTAS, New Adventures started during Superman (basically, they just changed the animation style to match Superman more closely and had sort of a time skip, but mostly picked up where BTAS left off) and after BTAS ended, and I don’t really know much about Static Shock or Batman Beyond, but they were both before Justice League.

And technically, it’s The New Batman Adventures. The New Adventures of Batman was a bad cartoon from the '70s where Adam West voiced Batman (not the same as the live action show with West from the '60s). This is all made more confusing by the fact that the main Batman comic was titled “Batman: The New Adventures” for a while after Crisis on Infinite Earths in the '80s.

What @RedHood said

When was the comic titled " Batman: The New Adventures"? I don’t remember that.

Batman featured “The New Adventures” label after the Year One arc from issue 408 to 416.

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And if you are talking about animated series Legion of Super Heroes is the last, as it takes place in the 30th century. Well beyond both BB & SS. I believe SS takes place before BB since there is an intro to SS about 8 years old in JL episode featuring the John Stuart GL. Which would place it before BB. Also, Brave & The Bold I’m not sure where (or if) it falls in continuity.