DCAU timeline order??

I was wondering what order should I watch the DCAU movies in… From the very First one too the newest ones
Example I know the first movie too kick off this DCAU is The movie Flash point. but After that…?
Batman hush is also coming out so where would that be placed. I am also aware of movies that arent in the DCau like the fatal five…

So the question here is what Order Should I watch in,
Which movies are in the DCAU and Which aren’t…???


I watched them in the order they came out.
JL War
Son of Batman
JL Throne of Atlantis
Batman v Robin
Batman Bad Blood
JL Dark
TT Judas Contract
SS Hell to Pay
Death of Sups
Reign of Sups
The last would be Hush
This list may be slightly wrong but that’s how I watched it.

You mean the DCAMU not the DCAU. They’re different things.

Yes, please, let us all try to start calling it the DCAM (DC Animated Multiverse) otherwise some folks get…testy.

The DCAU only (allegedly and arguably, but well put that to one side) applies as a term to a select few DC Animated properties.

So for the sake of peace in our time let’s adopt DCAM when glomming DC animation into one conversation.

The DCAU doesn’t have sole connection, even through a handful of animated films. Batman vs Dracula actually belongs to The Batman animated series continuity. So the DCAU is hardly unique in that regard either.

So just as DC comic books have a multiverse so to does DC animated series & films. The DCAM.

@DeSade-acolyte Allegedly and arguably? You’re the only person I’ve ever met to not think it’s a definite thing.

And this thread doesn’t need to refer to your DCAM. It’s not referring to all animation, it’s asking about a very specific thing: The DCAMU, which is comprised of a bunch of DCUAOM that take place in the same continuity.

And Batman vs. Dracula takes place in the same universe as The Batman (the show), not Batman: The Animated Series.

Huh, I guess I do get testy

@Awesome_Squid well that’s a relief, because I’m sure you’ve met every other DC animation fan on the planet.

I specifically stated that Batman vs Dracula is in same continuity as The Batman animated series. Not Batman The Animated Series. I specifically made sure that “animated series” was in all lower case, because heaven forefend it ever come with 100000 light years of the DCAU, because that would just be the end of civilization as we know it.

Perhaps you don’t realize this, but The Batman was both a series and animated, so it is The Batman animated series.

And since both TBas and DCEU have both had films related to their associated “universes” than we do have, when looking at DC Animated properties as a totality, an existing multiverse.

@DeSade-acolyte My bad about the The Batman/B:TAS confusion. I’m going to drop the topic now since I’m probably being annoying.

But I did ask HubCityQuestion so hopefully we’ll get some clarification on Tuesday

I love how @NYJt3 at least attempted to answer the question and everyone else just spouted off BS that didn’t really help the op. :rofl:

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I like cartoons

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