DCAU Rebirth Coming soon!

After watching the Justice League Dark Apokolips War movie I just can’t be more excited to see new films. I’m confident their next move will be animated movies based on the Rebirth stories! Hopefully. What do you think?


I enjoyed the movies more when they didn’t have to interconnect or be apart of the same timeline.


I think that’s the way it’s going. Don’t expect the movies to connect the way they did in this past era. And frankly they’ll be richer for their independence.


I don’t think DC Animated started with “we’re going to create this massive connected universe” I think they realized after a while that they had, especially with all the Batman Superman team ups and JL movies, they could connect them and then pieced a timeline together to connect them moving forward.

I also think it helped that they weren’t just doing “in universe” movies, adding in one shots and elseworld films as well.