DCAU question

When do I watch Batman: mystery of the batwoman and when do I watch Batman beyond: return of the joker

I’ve seen both animated Batman shows in totality as well as superman TAS I’m almost done with justice league but I haven’t seen JLU or Batman beyond yet.

Where do the two movies mentioned above fall? I don’t want to be confused

Thanks anyone for the help

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I think Mystery of the Batwoman takes place between JL and JLU, but I’m very far from certain about that. But you can definitely watch it now.

And I think Return of the Joker works any time after the first season of Batman Beyond.


I very much appreciate the input

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Don’t forget about Mask of the Phantasm.

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I watched mask already

Loved it

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Mystery of the Batwoman is before JLU as it came out in 2003 and JLU began in 2004.

ROTJ came out in 2000, so I’d say during season two is when it takes place.

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The youtube channel Watchtower Database has plenty of videos clarifying the timeline. I believe that Batwoman has to take place after JLU. I know it came out first, but there are multiple factors that put it later. From a storytelling perspective, it won’t affect or spoil anything if you watch it before JLU. I would recommend watching Batman Beyond and RotJ before Justice League personally. No spoiler, but the JLU episode epilogue should only be viewed after beyond. It acts as the finale beyond never had. If you want to, skip epilogue and come back to it after beyond, that would probably work.

I thought the JLU epilogue was supposed to set up Beyond. I may be mis-remembering

@AntLeon No, it’s about an adult Terry getting answers from Amanda Waller about his past. It definitely acts as a sort of finale.

That brushed away a few cobwebs. of course, all i really remember is Bruce telling Terry he should eat; he made soup.