DCAMU Trek Part 2

To continue with my previous post, I’ve moved now into finishing the first quarter of the films in the DCAMU. Recently I got to finish *Justice League: War, Son of Batman, and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. I just have a few comments for each title to share.

In Justice League: War, I felt in this one that Cyborg’s story took a lot of attention because of how integral he was for getting everything together. I felt that the story rotated around him so that his leadership and desire to fit into a space he understood could be told on multiple levels. I felt a level of sadness with Cyborg. Overall it was a powerful film and to see the Justice League coming together to fight Darkseid was really special.

Son of Batman was real special for me because I didn’t know much about Talia or Damian before I saw the film. I really, really liked both of them in the film. Some of my special moments are the intimate moments between Bruce and Talia and then how Damian progresses from old ways of understanding the world to the new way through Batman. I liked Talia’s art design and Morena Baccarin’s voicework for her was really good I thought.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis convinced me that I should read more Aquaman stories in the future. I’m naturally in favor of stories involving the sea, as my family are big into ocean exploration and recreation. But I also felt that Arthur’s story and how he comes to realize his true potential made me feel connected to him and how he can help fight against evil. As a result of this film, I also take into consideration now the feelings of lobsters (reference to moment in early film).

So that’s my thoughts on the ones I’ve seen so far. Feel free to comment if you too enjoyed the films as much as I did, or maybe see things differently than I do.