DCAM and DCEU Live Action Films

A couple of months back Superman: Red Son and recently Justice League Dark: Apokolips War were released. Any reason why a paid subscription excludes these 2 animated films along with many other DC films/content?

I see the same films trending month over month so it begs the question if we pay for a subscription why are we not reaping the benefits of all DC content at our fingertips. I understand we may need to wait, but exactly how long is that wait?

Where is Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam… the recent Birds of Prey/Emancipation of Harley Quinn, and some of the other awesome DCAMs films yet to be included as part of the subscription???

Is anyone else thinking the same?

Reason is because Warner Bros is trying to sell movie on home video first, and after 90 days of it release it’ll be here. :slightly_smiling_face:
And sadly some of the popular films you mention are on HBO Max, due to licensing contract.


@jfernandez2099.46001, like @Reaganfan78 mentioned, all newer DC animated movies come to the service 90 days after their Blu-Ray release date. This was announced in October.

With other animated movies, they get rotated in and out of the service due to licensing agreements that were in place before DC Universe was created. To know what is coming and going, the moderators put up a post in the Watchtower forums every month.

The DCEU films streaming rights have been with HBO since a few years ago, hence why they’re not here. But then again, to be fair they were never advertised to be here. I think that’s where people get tripped up. This service never promised that every piece of DC media would be on here. Given various contracts over the years (Michael Uslan with the Swamp Thing films and 90’s show, Fox owning the Adam West Batman series, etc) it wouldn’t be possible to have everything on here.


May we pin it yet?



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