DC x Illenium Batman Capsule

According to DC Comics Facebook and Twitter pages we subscribers will have a two hour presale on Friday, April 22nd (8am-10am PT) to buy this stuff. There’s a jersey, tshirts, sweatshirts and a limited edition variant cover for Batman: Rebirth #1 with some autographed copies as well.


Same :confused:I just keep refreshing the page lol

You’ll get an email with a code and a link to the shop. Check the email you have your subscription linked to.


Anyone else not get any email?

Didnt get an email?

Ive checked everywhere: Literally havent slept to get this and feel like Im going to miss it :frowning:

Wont let me reply but I paid to be able to get the early access…

same no email

I haven’t received an email

To those that haven’t gotten an email - are you paid subscribers to DC Universe Infinite or just members of the community with free accounts?

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Coming to me in a few months! Hope it’s an autographed copy!


lol cool for you my dude…

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Can you tell us the code you got?

Sorry, no. If you’re a paid DC Universe Infinite subscriber you should have received an email with the password. If you didn’t see @Alec.Holland’s reply below for more information.

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Ya same no email and I am a paid membership. Even checked my junk mail just in case.


I’m a paid member and haven’t received the presale password yet either

That’s surprising and disappointing to hear. Do you have email notifications turned off? If not, and it’s not in your spam folder, then email them and ask for the password or see @Alec.Holland’s reply below for more information.
cc: @kevinnorris821.65836

I got the email with the code but it’s not working for me…

Very odd and I’m sorry to hear that. I copied the code, clicked on the link to the shop in the same email, pasted the code when it asked for it and it worked. If that doesn’t work for you…I’m stumped and frustrated for you. That sucks.

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Ya this sucks. I even reached out to my friend who is a paid subscriber and he didn’t receive anything either. @FelixLeiter did you have to request the code prior to today? I’m wondering if there was like an extra step that we missed.

No. I didn’t do anything or get any information other than what was posted by Illenium and DC a week or so back. Email came at 8:10am.

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