DC/Warner Bros. Licensed Face Masks

I haven’t been able to find any licensed DC or Warner Bros. Face Masks.

Does anyone have any leads on where to buy licensed DC/WB face masks?

I have been able to find Disney licensed face masks on the Disney Shop for weeks now. Thank Goodness they are pre-purchase items or I would have already gave my money to Disney.

As a super fan I would rather spend my money on DC/WB ones to sport around my college campus come July-August when we might get to return to our campus.

It would be really advantageous for the promotion of their brands.

I would like to know why the leaders at Warner Media haven chosen not to produce & sell licensed Face Masks?

It matters.

Is it cost of production, etc…?
Is it an ethical statement on their belief about community health?
Is it something else?

Ethics matter & I would like to know why the decision was made to not produce licensed face masks across your brands?

Community what are your thoughts on Warner Media’s obvious lack of promoting their brand through the sale of face masks?


I would dig owning a Batman face mask, however I don’t think the existence of, or lack of, a specific product that you want is reflective of a company’s ethics.


Licensed face masks could alternatively be seen as exploiting a crisis for profit.

Not that I would ever accuse Disney of being an evil, soulless corporation…


They probably aren’t licensed but there are plenty of Batman face masks on etsy.


TeeFury has been putting their shirt designs onto Face Masks. There’s lots of DC on there, especially Batman.


Bah hahahaha! Excellent point. You hit the nail on the head with this thought. Thanks!


Yep yep! Thanks @AkBandit. I had scored a WW, Batgirl, Supergirl one from Etsy already. I do have this weird guilt about it not being licensed… Although, the fabric print it was made of was licensed. So, in a way I s’pose they are enabling the ability to produce licensed face masks. Come to think of it, that line of thinking goes a long way in making & selling modpodge items made from unwanted comic book pages. I just always worried about TM & Copyrights, etc… Thanks for sharing! Ya’all have helped me with this struggle.

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Sweet! Thanks a bunch @Hinesypoo I will go check that out! Have a Super Day!