DC vs Marvel Across All Media Types

Who do you honestly think is the better brand across all media types ? Here is how I see it :

Comics- This is the bread and better of both of them and the reason DC and Marvel even exist. I would call this category a draw.

Live action movies - This may suprise some, but I would have to go with DC on this one. DC ruled live action movies in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s mainly with Superman and Batman while Marvel was nonexistent. In the late 2000’s the tide turned to Marvel, but across all time, I believe DC wins the category.

Animated movies - No contest here, DC easy. The only Marvel animated film worth mentioning is the Spider-verse one while DC has many ( and most of them are very good ) animated movies

Animated series. Marvel has some decent ones, such as the 90’s X-Men, but DC’s selection is much better. DC wins this category also.

Live action series - While both have quite a few live action shows, I am going to have to give Marvel the nod on this one. The Netlix shows are very good and so is Agents of Shield. The DC arrowverse shows are ok, but a little campy for my tastes. However, the shows on this service ( TItans, Doom Patrol ) made this a hard choice.

My final score : DC 3.5 Marvel 1.5


DC all the way (but I’m obviously biased, as I’m posting this on DcUniverse). I enjoy Marvel, they’re just always my second option to DC, as DC has my favorite characters.

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Dc is so much better the world would be better if without our marvel a little tick on dc’s neck dc needs to eliminate marvel forever
Dc is great
Dc is the best thing that has ever happened
The founder of dc was amazing to come up with this and every person associated with dc is a great person