DC Virtual Convention In The Works Supposedly

I’ve seen a few different sources start to report on this but nothing official has been announced.

Supposedly DC will be holding a convention of their own online to announce all things DC including comics, television, movies, and videogames (god please let them announce a new Batman game officially)

If any of this is true what would you be most excited to see or have announced?


The way this writer ends their article

“DC Universe was released in 2018 as a one-stop shop for fans of the comics giant, although progress on that front seems to be winding down recently.”

What does that even mean? :roll_eyes:

Anywho, if this person’s sources are accurate:

  • I would like DC to address what they’re doing with Superman on the big screen and whether Cavill is involved.

  • It would be cool to see a trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

  • Hopefully some footage from The Batman.

  • Maybe a tease as to what’s coming after the Death Metal event.

  • Upcoming plans for DC Direct, McFarlane and others in the collectibles department.

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I definitely want some Suicide Squad announcements and a new Arkham game. I didn’t even think about collectibles but I’d love to see some new prop replicas being announced as well.


A virtual convention interests me! I never feel like traveling to cons, and these past few years I’ve been focused on saving money for a house. It would be cool to see virtual panels with creators and maybe have access to special deals for artwork, autographs, or whatever people buy at cons.
Yes to all of the above for what I want to see announced. I just want DCU to do well.

I haven’t spent any reward points yet and I wonder if they would drop something extra special on that day. Maybe I should keep saving.

If this is true, than I have two thoughts:

1: It would not feel too dissimilar to the scattered landscape of virtual events/presentations taking place in the gaming world (Summer Games Fest, IGN Summer of Gaming).

2: It would be a fascinating reversal, since Marvel has opted out of Comic-Con a few times to host announcements at D23, even though it was exclusively for their films, where this supposedly covers all corners of DC.

As to whether or not this is real: I have my doubts, but anything can happen between now and August 22 and the social media engines at DC are just starting to crank back up. So once again, we’ll wait (in our homes, with soap and water) and see.

I hope this rumor is true for this year. Moving forward I would hope DC still has a presence at comiccon if they were to pull out in the future i dont know if I would still attend SDCC


Looks like it’s gonna be a thing and there’s a lot of work going into creating the virtual space!

I’m Excited To See What’s Next For DC Since It’s Been Officially Announced! I’m Really Excited For The Video Game Aspect! I Want More DC Games Utilizing Different Heroes & Not Just Batman.

I’m super stoked or this my only issue is if they are having multiple hubs will they be announcing multiple things at the same time, I’m the kind of person that wants to see every last second of it. I hope there’s a play back feature or something i dont know if I can stay away 24 hours if they literally mean a 24 hour event.

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That’s a good question! It might be live or pre-recorded, not sure yet.