DC Viewing and Reading Discussion Club

Today I am starting a Reading and viewing club here on dc universe for discussion. This weeks viewing is the animated film Flashpoint, and the comic version of this as well. Please let me know which you enjoyed more, how they were different, and was the character of Thomas Wayne more interesting than Brue.


I should probably be tar and feathered because of this but… I have never watched the whole moice of flashpoint…I know everything that happens but for w.e reason I just never sit through the whole thing.

I might now just to talk about it.

But from what I do know…I love that Bruce’s mom becomes the Joker. Love that concept

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I love flash point it is one of my favorite DC animations. I really liked watching wonder woman as a villain. As far as Bruce v Thomas as Batman I’d say Bruce just because he is Batman. I think a full 90min film live or animated would be cool to see. Thomas and Martha battle would be awesome. Because no one knows you like your spouse and nothing could hurt a parent like losing a child. Especially if one blamed the other for that loss directly. DC could devil into some deep psychological warfare and truly violent battles. It would have to be rated R as this one would not be for the kids. My favorite stuff in flash point was the wonder woman stuff. Can you imagine Gal Gadot hanging Steve like that?

Side note:I was just thinking about putting my own wife and kids In that scene and all the hair on my arms and neck stood up on end. Truly chilling.