DC v. Marvel 2020

Alright. It’s 2020! There’s a new generation of heroes and villains roaming both worlds of DC and Marvel. Pick your favorite matchups and who YOU think would win? Maybe add a why?

Superman v. Immortal Hulk = Superman
Can’t regenerate in the sun or if thrown into space.

Wonder Woman v. Thor (Foster or Odinson) = Thor
Gotta give it to Thor with the Odinforce, magic, and now the Power Cosmic.

Etrigan v. Ghost Rider = Etrigan
Hard to get one over on The Demon, plus he doesn’t have a soul to take the damage from the penance stare.

Dr. Polaris v. Magneto = magneto
Polaris is insane and magneto has experience.

Amazo v. Super-Adaptoid = draw or coin toss
Both are able to copy and keep a variety of powers. Both are androids. It’s really up to who is more driven.

Darkseid v. Thanos = Darkseid.
Would be an extremely close call, but with the Omega Beams and almost immortal nature, Darkseid would squeak by.

Lobo v. Wolverine = Wolverine
He is the best at what he does.

Deathstroke v. Taskmaster = coin toss
The reason: Deathstroke’s fighting style is key to his victories but Taskmaster can copy it while watching before engaging and then take him out. However with Deathstroke’s enhancements and reflexes he may overcome. Again, it’s whoever is more driven.

Green Lantern v. Nova = Green Lantern
That ring can beat the NovaForce.

Flash v. Quicksilver = Flash
The speed force surrounds all Earths in the multiverse and theoretically in all the megaverses.

Jay Garrick v. Whizzer = Toss
That mongoose blood may give Whizzer a squeak by or the hard water fumes could serve Jay. Whoever wants it more.

Captain Atom v. Blue Marvel = Blue Marvel
Gotta give it to the Adam from the Marvel Universe.

Trigon v. Dormmamu = A battle that would last a century
I would love to see that battle. But it wou
Dr. Fate v. Dr. Strange = Fate
The Helmet is a Lord Order and ancient. Wisdom and power comes with experience.

Miss America v. Miss America = DC
Miss America (marvel) can only really fly. The DC version is a powerhouse compared.

Neron v. Mephisto = Mephisto
Primordial terror That even gives Galactus pause? Mephisto.

The Ray v. Living Lightning = Ray
Light powers v electricity. Light trumps.

Weather Wizard v. Storm = Storm

Captain Cold v. Blizzard = Cold
Cold as Ice

Heatwave v. Pyro = pyro
Would be so distracted by the flames that pyro would demolish him

Top v. Whirlwind = Whirlwind
Those razor blades though.

Speed Demon v. Speed Demon = marvel
Experience and sanity gives him an edge.

Batman v. (So many options)

Agent Liberty v. USAgent = USAgent
Experience, enhanced physique, and skills bring him in for the win.

Zatanna v. Scarlet Witch = Scarlet Witch
Her reality altering powers give her the edge, but just barely

Green Arrow v. Hawkeye = tie or toss up
Soooo evenly matched, I couldn’t say.

Black Canary v. Black Widow = Widow
Trained killer

Batman who Laughs v. Hydra Cap
Batman who Laughs. He is a Batman.

Black Alice v. Mimic = Mimic
Copies her powers mixed with the X-men and there goes the match.

Martian Manhunter v. Hyperion = Manhunter
He can’t withstand telepathy

Dr. Midnight v. Shroud = Shroud
Martial arts and sees in the dark.

Waller v. Fury = they’d work together
They know how to work people and would cut an uneasy agreement.

Batwing v. Black Panther = black panther

Aquaman v. Namor = Arthur Curry
Power and aqua telepathy over simply flight and strength.

Plastic Man v. Mystique = Plastic Man
Functionally immortal, insanely powerful

Elongated Man v. Mr. fantastic = Fantastic
The brains reign supreme

Bloodwynd v. Dr. Voodoo = Voodoo
Close though.

Manhunter v. Technarchy = Technarchy
Absorb and assimilate

Catwoman v. Black Cat = Catwoman
Experience and fierceness

Detective Chimp v. Howard the Duck = neither
They would get drunk together instead

Cyborg v. Iron Man = Tony

Joker v. Carnage = Joker
He is smart. He’d figure something out.

Eradicator V. Beta Ray Bill = BBB

Green Lantern (pick) v. Dr. Spectrum = GL

Red Bee v. Swarm = Swarm.
Sorry RB

Mr. freeze v. Iceman = Iceman
Omega mutant v dude in a suit. No contest.

Perpetua v. Living Tribunal = L.T.
Safeguards the entire multiverse. The battle would be extremely intense!

Phantom Stranger v. Watcher = Stranger
Immense power.

Dr. Manhattan v. Beyonder = Manhattan.
His powers are extremely specific as well as his perception of time and energy itself.

Atom v. Ant-Man = Atom
Smaller and smarter.

Bumblebee v. Wasp = Wasp

Giganta v. Mankiller = Giganta

Guys I am really tired. Lol.
Love to hear some of your matchup and thoughts!


Stargirl vs Captain America in a patriotism contest

Uncle Sam vs Captain America

Cap would get crushed.

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Midnighter v Deadpool could be cool. Deadpool would win because he has the greatest ally of all, the marketing department.
If Harley fought Deadpool the world might end as two unstoppable corporate money makers clashed. The sheer weight of the Funko Pops produced would cause the earth to collapse in on itself.

I’m gonna have to say I would want to see Batman v. Iron Man.

One is a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, The other is… well, one of them is Batman :batman_stoichqtas:. And while it would be a great fight, I think Bruce and Tony would end up with heaps of bruises and having drinks afterwards. But for the Win, I’m gonna have to go with Batman even though neither one of them would admit it.