DC Unveils New Man of Steel With 'Superman: Son of Kal-El' Series (Exclusive)

This July, a new but familiar Man of Steel will be entrusted to protect our planet.

On July 13, Superman: Son of Kal-El will debut to replace the current Superman monthly title. Written by Tom Taylor (Nightwing, DCeased, Suicide Squad) with art by John Timms (Young Justice, Harley Quinn), the new ongoing monthly series will feature Jonathan Kent, protecting the Earth as the new Man of Steel.

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DC is replacing its main Superman title with a new series headlined by Jonathan Kent titled Superman: Son of Kal-El from Tom Taylor and John Timms.

Superboy will headline his very own DC ongoing series in the publisher’s Infinite Frontier era in Superman: Son of Kal-El from writer Tom Taylor (Nightwing, DCeased, Suicide Squad) and artist John Timms (Young Justice, Harley Quinn). Superman: Son of Kal-El will replace DC’s Superman title, currently written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Sean Lewis, with art by Scott Godlewski and Sami Basri.

As the son of Superman, Jonathan Kent will see to the protection of Earth. The former Superboy replaced his father as Superman in DC Future State series such as Future State: Superman of Metropolis, Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman and Future State: Justice League. Jonathan is also currently appearing in Superman and Action Comics.


And it’s kind of what I wanted.


And I believe I called this one

Also, maybe a relaunch of SUPERMAN with a new #1 after SUPERMAN #32. And have Jonathan Kent take over being Superman at that point, which seems to be the larger plan.

So maybe the “5G” plan, just done a bit differently.

I could go for that if that’s the plan. Get onboard SUPERMAN with yet another new #1, and with a new Superman in Jonathan Kent. And a possible July launch for this.

If any of this is to come to pass I suppose we’ll know more in the next couple of months.


And called it to the month.

I guess you get lucky sometimes when you guess all the time.

Either way, I got a new Superman comic to read. And I like John Timms’ art.

So yay.


  • Written by TOM TAYLOR

  • Art by JOHN TIMMS

  • On sale July 13

  • Jonathan Kent has experienced a lot in his young life. He’s fought evil with Robin (Damian Wayne), traveled across galaxies with his Kryptonian grandfather, and lived in the future with the Legion of Super-Heroes, who were intent on training him for the day his father could no longer be Superman. There is a hole in the Legion’s history that prevents Jon from knowing exactly when that will happen, but all signs point to it being very soon. It’s time for the son to wear the cape of his father and continue the never-ending battle as a symbol of hope for his home planet.

Oh, and I guess I now have Joëlle Jones’ WONDER GIRL to look forward to, and now Tom Taylor’s SUPERMAN: SON OF KAL-EL too.


And July is going to be a super-good Superman month for me.

SUPERMAN '78 starts on July 27th.

ICON AND ROCKET launches on July 27th… so a Superman-like character.

And now SUPERMAN: SON OF KAL-EL on July 13th.



And countdown until the inevitable Jonathan Kent Superman movie.

And I kid… maybe.


Saw this. Sounds interesting. Enjoy getting the use of more legacy. And Clark will probably still be around in Action and others.


Just saw this! Anyone who’s seen me on the forums probably knows I’m pumped. Don’t get me wrong, I love Clark and always will. I’ve just been ready for him to take a proper break after all these years. Get some new perspectives, ideals, knowledge, etc. under the mantel. I think that Jonathan has earned the mantel by this point (even though aging him up this quickly was a little weird) and I really loved his Future State run. I’m definitely excited for this title!

Edit: Just realized I’ve officially been on the forums for 2 years today. Thanks for all the fun, thoughtful, and engaging conversations everyone! If we’ve had the pleasure of interacting in any of the threads on any of the topics (whether we agreed or not lol), I’m so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to talk with you. You’ve all truly re-sparked my love for comics.



Yeah, they’re not going to get rid of Clark Kent.

The original “5G” plan I believe was to have the younger (and diverse in some cases) versions of these characters take over the main titles. And then the original Superman, and Batman and Wonder Woman, were going to get a DC Black Label type of line of their own. Or something like that, at least…

But that all changed in the shake-up when AT&T downsized DC Comics.

And now we have what we have now.

Speaking of which, I may have to check out FUTURE STATE: SUPERMAN OF METROPOLIS now…

I do dig John Timms’ art style.

And I always loved that cover from the second I saw it. I really like that look for Superman… for Jonathan Kent or whatever. I like the slim look.

I’m a runner, so I like the slim, trim profile. It looks cool to me.

And yep, Joëlle Jones’ WONDER GIRL.


The “Future State” is here.


Yeah, the “Future State” stuff with him looked really, really cool to me.

I guess it should be here at DC Universe Infinite by June or July, so I’ll read it then.


I do think DC missed kind of a neat and fun opportunity with the cover of the first issue.

Because the SUPERMAN #1 issue and cover was 64-pages for 10¢.

So maybe DC could have done 64-pages for $10 dollars (or $9.99 or whatever) for the SUPERMAN: SON OF KAL-EL #1 issue and cover.

And maybe add a longer story, a few pages of interviews, some art… some character sketches. Maybe reprint the original SUPERMAN #1… that sort of thing.

Have fun with it and make a few extra bucks too.

Or just charge $5 bucks for what they’re doing too, I guess. :blush:

And like this is an anniversary for @OmniLad, this is my four-month anniversary – January 21st to April 21st.

And in celebration of that, and in honor of the young Superman, I guess I’ll start using emojis now too.

A little, at least. :smirk:

So to January 21st to April 21st… and to the 21st century with a new Superman.


Tom Taylor… nuff said :fist_right:t4: :fist_left:t4:


More Superman +
Taylor +
Jon Kent +
One less Clark series -

I’m there but I’d like the Superman series to star Superman


Didn’t even know the cover homage. That’s awesome™:+1:

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It is starring Superman. It just doesn’t star Clark Kent. While I understand those two names may seem unseperable, at the end of the day Superman is just the symbol. Clark is not the only one to wear it over the years and I don’t think any of the others who have are any less Superman than he is.

Jonathan Kent has well earned the title over the years. He is Superman. So is Clark, Calvin Ellis, John Irons, and many more that are slipping my mind. They’re all Superman. While Clark has held it the longest and arguably worn it the best so far, he isn’t the only one.

This new series is starring Superman. His name is Jon Kent and he wears the symbol well. Let’s try our best not to undermine him before the run has even started.



Yeah, when I first saw the cover it was like… “Huh… that looks familiar.”

Then it was like, “Oh, yeah, of course… that.” :blush:

And good for Tom Taylor, and John Timms.

And never read anything by Tom Taylor.

But I like Jonathan Kent, and John Timms’ art, so good enough.

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Not sure how I undermined the series. As I said I’ll be there, as in it will be on my pull list. Many may wear the proverbial cape, but to me Clark is the one true one. Doesn’t mean I haven’t or won enjoy and read the others.


This :point_up_2:. Succinct and summarizes my thoughts perfectly.


This is the moment you undermined him. Jonathan IS Superman. You’re implying otherwise here and this phrase is undermining the character under the symbol. I’m not trying to downplay the many years Clark has obviously held the title. But saying this is attempting to take away from the character and implies that Jon isn’t Superman… which isn’t true. He is. So is Clark and Calvin and John. They all are. So you’re getting exactly what you want. A Superman series starring Superman.



That’s how I see it too.

Well, no, I don’t personally consider Steel as Superman. Steel is Steel. He’s his own man, his own character.

No, but we’ll have one in a Superman series starring Clark Kent as Superman – in ACTION COMICS, his original home.

And the other is a Superman series starring Jonathan Kent as Superman – in SUPERMAN: SON OF KAL-EL, in what is now his home.

And I guess one could argue that it would have been bad form to have Jonathan Kent star in the SUPERMAN comic, as it were. Because that comic belongs to his father.

So that’s remedied by Jonathan Kent getting his own comic to be Superman in, so as not to step on anyone’s toes.

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Sorry Omni, but the all caps is… well… is too much for me.

I get where you are coming from… but I think it is completely understandable to consider the character with over 80 years of history and pop culture status around the world The Superman. Jon, Calvin, Val Zod… yeah… different versions of Superman for sure… and maybe they can end up being more liked at the certain right pop culture moment… but at this point in time, these characters have not yet earned the level of emphasis you’re utilizing. Not after a few comic book issues and virtually no public knowledge of them outside of the comic book community. Maybe I’ll join you in saying Jon/Calvin/Val IS Superman (yeah with those capitals) in some years if & when they do take over public consciousness, including my own… but to say it so emphatically now is way too premature. You consider it undermining to the character wearing the symbol? How about undermining an audience that has 80 years of emotional and cultural attachment to the character? It’s one thing to give these new versions a chance with an open mind, and it’s a totally different thing to say they’re all the same. Jon Kent, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Superman, Calvin… they will need to earn it with me. I wish them success, and am open minded to the idea… I will be buying the comics and going to the movies… but don’t come out of the gate asking us to place them at the same level in our hearts as fans that we do Clark Kent. Everything in due time.

Hope I didn’t offend you. Just talkin’ :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll point you to this page from a recent Superman issue

Coming from the writer that is setting up Jon to be the next Superman. Acknowledging that ambivalence? Respecting the stature of the character he is about to over for? That really helped sell me into the idea. Slowly, but surely, while being respectful to what came before.

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I agree that John is Steel, but I figured it was worth giving him the title since his original goal was to hold the mantel while Clark was gone. But I love that John has grown into his own character and symbol as well.


Absolutely no offense taken. I love discussions with you and I’m always up for a healthy disagreement (especially over something as silly as comics no matter how much I love them haha). I especially appreciate your input on this topic since you are such a huge fan of the character. This obviously goes out to you too @msgtv!!! :slight_smile:

With that said, I’m not trying to imply they are equals in their title. Obviously Clark has held it the most and has arguably worn the name the best. That said, he’s really the only character who’s been given a fair shake over the years. His hold on the title/name has prevented most of these other characters from getting a true chance to rep the name and hold the title. Superman is the title in my eyes, not the character.

DC has labeled Jon as Superman in this comic, and I think to immediately imply otherwise before we’ve even read the first issue is a bit unfair. It would be like me trying to say Daniel Craig isn’t Bond before Casino Royale came out because he wasn’t Sean Connory. Or saying that Matt Smith wasn’t Doctor Who because he wasn’t David Tennant. Those actors went through numerous auditions and various other things to earn the roles and title. I don’t think it would be fair to those actors in the same way it wouldn’t be fair to Jon.

I think Jon has (out of all other characters other than Clark) earned the title of Superman. That page you pulled out and the years they’ve been developing the character to positive reception is his version of the audition. Superman of Metropolis from Future State was his test footage (and a pretty good comic in my opinion too). Jon has earned the title in my eyes. He’s not Clark, but he is Superman. Whether or not he reps the name well has yet to be determined, but I don’t think it’s fair to take it away from him before he’s really had the chance to try it out.

I hope that made sense haha. I know the Bond/Who metaphor isn’t perfect since those titles are swapped around far more regularly making fans used to it. But it’s the best thing my morning brain with no coffee could come up with on the spot to convey what I was thinking haha. If I come up with something better, I’ll let you know.

Edit: My morning brain is also why my sentence structure and wording are also so poor here. I don’t have the energy to fully revise this at the moment, but reach out if you need clarification on anything haha.


@OmniLad this is all good comic book discussion, I’m on the same wavelength as @moro. I had mixed reactions when I saw the announcement. Happy to get a Jon Kent book, but not at the expense of Clark as Superman in a Superman book. We’re now down to one in continuity Superman solo title. For me, as always, it will come down to whether the story earns my affection. Taylor is pretty darn good so I expect to enjoy them. I like his Jon Superman in DCeased far more than I did the chucklehead in Future State who bottled Metropolis cuz a Brainiac head blob told him to.
Let’s meet back here when this title hits DCUI and see what we think.


Totally valid and fair! I look forward to the future discussion. :slight_smile:

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Not to be pedantic when it comes to citing the comics themselves, but, and speaking of “chuckleheads”…

Jon has already called and consider himself Superman, and a little kid did too…

And Supergirl did as well…

So we’re just playing catch-up. :grin:

No, but I understand how people get attached to the “things” as opposed to the “ideas.”

Me, I don’t think there’s anything in fiction that I’m attached to like that as it pertains to a “thing,” or a person or character. No, the idea is what’s always paramount to me when it comes to fiction – and of course the execution of said idea.

The character is totally interchangeable though. Totally and completely interchangeable.

You got a better take or idea (or more interesting take or idea) on Superman with someone else other than Clark Kent?

Okay, do it. Fine. Done.

And of course I almost always like the “new.” Whatever the “new” is almost always better to me. Because I look at it as we’re always evolving and improving.

But of course everyone is different.