DC Unveils Expanded Digital Comics Library, STARGIRL Suit, & More at WonderCon!

Hello and happy Monday, all!

Boy, do we have a doozy of update for you, today! As I’m sure many of you have heard, DC Universe made some major announcements at WonderCon, here is a rundown of what you lovely DC Fans have to look forward to!

:fire: We’re EXPANDING the digital comics library!
That’s right, as of April 2019, we’re giving you over 20 THOUSAND more comics to add to your reading lists, at no cost you, and with no change in the subscription price. You asked, and we listened! :slight_smile:

:fire: Premiere Dates Galore, from Swamp Thing to Krypton!
:heavy_check_mark: The long-anticipated Swamp Thing will be arriving to the service on May 31st, giving you plenty of time to catch up on the source material that inspired it! But that’s not all!
:heavy_check_mark: Krypton’s first season will be here on April 5th,
:heavy_check_mark: Justice League vs. The Fatal Five releases on April 16th,
:heavy_check_mark: Young Justice returns with 13 brand new episodes on July 2nd,
:heavy_check_mark: Titans resurfaces with its second season in the Fall,
:heavy_check_mark: AND, the animated series, Harley Quinn will come next with a late Fall release!

:fire: A first-time glimpse at Stargirl’s super suit!
Been wondering what’s to come with Stargirl? We have the reveal of her suit, as well as info about its designer in tow!

We’d love to know just what is it YOU’RE looking forward to most, so let us know in the comment section below!

To get a good look at Stargirl’s suit, you can find this article in our News section, or via link here: DC Universe Unveils Expanded Digital Comics Library, STARGIRL Suit, & More at WonderCon!

And if you have any questions about the expansion, please submit your them to our thread in the Watchtower section titled, “MASTER TOPIC: Submit All Questions About Full Digital Comic Library Here!” and linked here: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/watchtower/master-topic-submit-all-qu


I am really excited about the additional library at no extra cost. Thanks for the high quality service and regular updates.


Awesome, so excited for the expansion. When you say “Coming this April”, we talking like soon April, or like counting down the days until it’s April 30th kinda thing?


Oh man, I spend a lot of time commuting everyday so the fact that 20,000 more issues are being dumped and will continue to be added is going to keep me very busy on the trains.


thinks of the oncoming comics onslaught and drools like Bart Simpson when he got Chief Wiggum’s master key to Springfield

Oh, yeah.


Can’t wait for the extra issues to come! When this month are they supposed to show up?

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So is it an expanded library, or the full digital library? There are a lot of new outlets saying the latter, but any news directly from DC Universe seems to say extended.

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2m ago
So is it an expanded library, or the full digital library? There are a lot of new outlets saying the latter, but any news directly from DC Universe seems to say extended.”

I’m not going to go through and count everything, but on Comixology, there are ~1,260 series listings. Those could be standalone one-shots, miniseries, maxiseries, short series, long series, etc. There’s no way I can tell to see how many total issues are there, but it IS feasible based on 1,260 series listings on CMX, and over 20,000 issues being added to this service, that DC Universe will put all of their digital comics on here. I’m not going to ASSUME it, but man, that’s gotta be pretty close to their whole digital library even if it’s not everything.


This is all great news. Looking forward to Swamp Thing more then ever, it seems like it will be amazing, Titans Season 2 will be great, I am excited to finally have Krypton on here and been looking forward to Justice League vs The Fatal Five.

And Stargirl looked like she leaped out of the comic book pages… and don’t think I didn’t notice Stripe standing behind her. I knew they cast Owen Wilson as Pat Dugan but didn’t dare dream Stargirl’s “not a robot sidekick” robot sidekick would actually be possible on a TV budget. That sounds awesome.

And of course who isn’t excited about the comics. That has me like everyone else eager for the day they drop, 20,000 comics. Anyone who complains anymore they can’t find anything to read out fo 20,000 comics is not going to be looking hard enough. DCU just keeps getting better, this is such an awesome service, a dream come true for a DC Fan like me… one I never dared actually dream.


I can’t wait to see Stargirl! Love the costume.:grinning:

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I am sooooo excited about the expanded comics library!!! I was already going to auto renew my yearly subscription now I don’t ever see not doing so. I also gave the app a 5* rating on iTunes as soon as I learned of the announcement for the expanded library. Just like you said, We asked, you listened! I love this app!

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Loving this. It is surpassing Hulu, Netflix as my go to streaming site. Because sometimes u want to see a movie, cartoon, and sometimes you just want to read! I love all the DC animated shorts …there are some incredible animation/artwork featured.

I would love the addition of the cartoon series, the new Justice League, Action. My provider only offers the last 5 shows…there are over 5O episodes. Also Krypto, the Super Dog especially the second season, which I’ve never been able to find.

You have arrived at your comic book Heaven destination , please depart the internet bus in an orderly fashion…


Probably a dumb question since they did say they’d be adding the entire DC Comics library, but will that include Vertigo series as well? I.E. Fables, V for Vendetta, Watchmen?

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Is there a way to look up specific story arcs and see all the comics involved in the run? Example ( Blackest Night, any of the crisis)


Will there be a feature that lets you denote what issues have been read and a sort/search feature to sort by year, read status, title, etc?


Thanks VanWinkle!

All the classic titles from the 12 cent era! The 10 year old living in this 62 year old is feeling like a kid a week before Christmas! :heart_eyes::grinning::sunglasses::yum:


Hey DC, if you’re listening, please don’t make Stargirl TV-MA. Some of us actually like live-action shows with a little restraint, and I’d love to watch a show with a heavy focus on the JSA, so Stargirl would great if it turns out to be something that doesn’t put me off the way all the other live-action DC Universe Originals do.


My birthday is this month, and this is more than I could have ever asked for.