DC Universe's Meta Madhouse – Superman's Aliens – Round of 2!

The moment is here- the last two standing in the final round of Superman’s Aliens Meta Madhouse bracket. There’s only one way to find out who remains: By going to our News section, or by following the link below!

Want a hint? Check out these exact match-up in action by following this link, or watching Superman/Batman Apocalypse!

Who do you think will survive this final match? You have three days to decide, so let us know in the comments below! Results will be announced Monday afternoon, PST.


Supergirl for the win!! Go get get em girl!!


The link to the voting page doesn’t work for me on Kindle, like the middle was abridged

But I’m recusing myself anyway


Supergirl’s got this!


Thanks for heads up @biff_pow, updated link here!

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Alright, so on the one hand, I’m getting annoyed with people insisting Darkseid is invincible, but on the other hand, I still want vengeance for Krypto.

Get 'er, Darkseid!

Don’t fail me Kara, my love <3


Supergirl gave us justice for Ch’p! Ch’p fans unite for the Girl of Steel!


Ch’p is a black lantern, he’s pulling for Darkseid.

As one can see in Superman/Batman Apocalypse, it takes both Clark & Kara to even get to a standstill. This is a one-on-one matchup. No boomtube to save her butt this time. Besides, if it wasn’t for Batman’s intervention with a motherbox (U. R. Seven. X. L. L. Zero. Zero. Nine), Kara would still be Darkseid’s “female Krypto” as one of the female furies.

So it takes Superman, Supergirl, & Batman to get him to a standstill, not defeat in one-on-one battle.

Darkseid all day.


So, I think Supergirl wins here—but if that’s true how did Power Girl lose? She has more experience than Kara Zoe-El, and has spent more time developing her intelligence and absorbing sunlight.

IMO, Power Girl should have won this entire bracket.

I vote for Supergirl, I just had to vote for the goodguy! :slightly_smiling_face:

I know this won’t make the most sense but if I was going to vote for a Kara to beat Darkseid…it’d be Powergirl. I just don’t think Supergirl has it in her to take on Darkseid 1v1.

With powergirl I’m not saying it’s a given but for some reason I feel like she’d have a slightly better chance. #Darkseid4Champion


Darkseid isn’t invincible, though he damn near is. But that doesn’t change the fact that Darkseid beats Supergirl 1 on 1. It takes multiple members of the Justice League just to stop him momentarily, but he isn’t defeated. Kryptonians are not all that!! They can be defeated, rather easy compared to Darkseid! Darkseid is !!!


Don’t just vote for the heroes, villains can win too!!

If you are going for Superman’s Aliens, you should probably vote for Darkseid, because Shazam’s team is gonna be a hard bracket to beat, so Darkseid has a better chance to beat them! Supergirl goes down, all day long!!! Darkseid is!!!

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Help Supes out!! Vote for Darkseid!!!

SILENCE Quad-commenter!! I know you are Dasaad in disguise.

Let those who enjoy eye-candy and skirts vote for my girl Kara :stuck_out_tongue:

We need more women, and Ch’p approves this comment.

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Darkseid rocks the skirt, too. Don’t forget! Now that’s off the chain!

@gibbyhetrz as for the eye candy. Couple of well paced omega beams and her top is ripped.
Those beams are next taking her skirt was past micro mino…it’s a hemlinoe so high the world is her gynecologist

I was hoping we’d the dame steel but know Supergirls fans stuffed the ballbooxes like she stuffs her bra. She already lot on the
“ best ktryptonian rack”to power girl.

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How… rude.

How dare you talk about my Kara like that!