DC Universe's Meta Madhouse: Presenting Superman's Aliens!

It’s the second week of DC Universe’s Meta Madhouse, a month-long competition in which each of four of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes – Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Shazam – coach a team that will, over the course of a week, select a champion via a series of one-on-one match-ups, to compete against those of the other teams. Fans determine who wins by voting every day, until a champion for each team emerges, only to compete again in a final show-down amongst the four victors.

Find the full breakdown of Superman’s Aliens in our News section, or by following the link below:

We are calculating Wonder Woman’s Round of 2 finalist now. In the meantime, brush up on your knowledge of the contenders of Superman’s Aliens! We’ll be starting strong with these extraterrestrial entities Tuesday, March 19th at 10:00am!

Tell us who you’re voting for in the comments below, and earn precious bragging rights!


Darkseid wins it all, hands down!


This one will be fun. On the one hand Superman has beaten Brainiac, Doomsday and Darkseid…so Supergirl and Power Girl should be able to do the same. On the other hand, Supes has usually needed the league’s help to defeat those villains…so not sure about 1 to 1 combat. Nonetheless, I’m a believer in the triumph of good vs evil. Power Girl vs Supergirl final showdown would be sweet :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t see a clear winner in any of them. I’ll have to sequester myself while I deliberate for a week.

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It is defeating Doomsday and Lobo, that bothers me the most.

You can’t defeat them, they just keep coming at you

You need to send them, very far away, where they don’t know where they are, and can’t come back.

Raven can do that. They are not magic based, so can’t resist.

Raven just has to survive long enough to do so, in a long range attack

She is not in this round, but Darkseid has boom tubes available.

Both Martians have medium range attacks of telekensis and mind blasts.

Would Miss Martian do a lobotomy on Lobo?

Does Doomsday have any brain to attack?

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These are my choices, but I’m open to others opinions.

Martian Manhunter < Doomsday - While This one is incredibly hard to choose, but I’m giving it to Doomsday on durability alone. MM’s weakness is just too common, plus he’s susceptible to exhaustion, while Doomsday is the Energizer Bunny of Death.

Darkseid > Parallax - Also tough, but in my opinion, Darkseid has shown that he’s not really susceptible to fear, just immense frustration. Honestly, I’d like to hear other opinions on this one. I could definitely be swayed the other way.

Abin Sur > Starfire - I’m fairly curtain Abin Sur is a lot more durable than Strafire, plus his rings powers are incredibly adaptable to most situations.

Power Girl > Kilowog - Kryptonian.

Brainiac > Sinestro - I guess this one REALLY depends on exactly which Brainiac we’re talking about; quite a few are able to throw hands with Superman, so I think that gives him the edge.

Miss Martian > Lobo - I feel bad for the Main Man being paired against a Martian in the first round, but thems the breaks. Miss Martian has intangibility, and Lobo doesn’t return from death like Doomsday.

Supergirl > Eradicator - I mean, this has been done before, but with someone technically weaker than Supergirl.

Krypto > Ch’p - Dog beats squirrel, but seriously, Kryptonians are going to beat the regular Lanterns basically every time. They’re just way too strong and fast for a Lantern to block. Plus they can shoot heat vision while also attacking regularly to keep the Lanterns in a constant defensive situation.


I’m thinking it should be Darkseid vs Krytpo for the last 2.


In this matchup everyone is more even. I could give most of the fights to either side. The right side should ultimately belong to the Kryptonians I think though, and Kara should come out on top of Krypto. Left side has more heavy hitters. Fights between Darkseid, Doomsday and Kryptonians are usually evenly matched, so I would say left side is a tossup between Power Girl, Darkseid and Doomsday.

A Kara vs Karen fight would be a fun last matchup. Earth-1 vs Earth-2. Flamebird vs Nightwing.


Martian Manhunter vs. Doomsday
= Doomsday
Darkseid vs. Parallax
= Darkseid
Abin Sur vs. Starfire
= Abin Sur
Power Girl vs. Kilowog
= Power Girl
Brainiac vs. Sinestro
= Brainiac
Miss Martian vs. Lobo
= Lobo
Supergirl vs. Eradicator
= Supergirl
Krypto vs. Ch’p
= Krypto


Martian Manhunter vs. Doomsday = Doomsday (sheer power with no mind to attack
Darkseid vs. Parallax = Darkseid…it’s Darksied…nuff said.
Abin Sur vs. Starfire = Starfire (This is tough, but, I seem to recall her energy shots are yellow in color, that could negate the ring. If I’m wrong on the color, comebody pipe up, please)
Power Girl vs. Kilowog = Power Girl (This is an epic battle, power girl has the stamina to keep the fight going for 24 hours, then Kilowg’s ring runs out. Game over poozer.)
Brainiac vs. Sinestro = Brainiac (Brainiac has a personal force field and the tech to send multiple battle drones. Sinestro has to defend on to many fronts)
Miss Martian vs. Lobo = Miss Martian (She can attack him psychically. Lobo has a rational mind to attack, unlike the MM/Doomsday match up.)
Supergirl vs. Eradicator = Supergirl (The big take away here is from “Superman/Batman: Apokolips” You piss Kara off and she can take a pretty good go at Darkseid. She has the amazonian training and the bottled up teenage anger. Let that loose and she’ll be a bit battered and bruised, but come out on top.)
Krypto vs. Ch’p = Ch’p (Brains defeat brawn in this case. It’s eventually a tap-out by Krypto when Ch’p trains him to go for the belly rug construct.)

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I am hoping that Doomsday and Darkseid are on opposite sides of the bracket. Darkseid being the 1 seed and Doomsday the 2 seed in the bracket. Darksied wins, fairly easily. Why? Doomsday fits and growls with his mouth open. An Omega Beam through Doomsday’s upper palate and its “lobotomy with chainsaw” time.

Darkseid into the final four.

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Darkseid vs Doomsday as a second round match. Who in their right mind can put Darkseid at best a 5 seed!!! Seriously???


Kilowog! :fist:


Power Girl
Miss Martian


Im rooting for supergirl

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Lobo andDoomsday all the way! If Darkseid wins, that would just be unfair…

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Martian Manhunter over Doomsday
Darkseid over Parallax
Abin Sur over Starfire
Kilowog over Power Girl
Sinestro over Brainiac
Miss Martian over Lobo
Supergirl over Eradicator
Ch’p over Krypto
I think it will come down to the Martians and the Lanterns.
Vigilantes for the win!

Martian Manhunter



Power Girl





Abin Sur
Power Girl
Miss Martian

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@Dessad-acolyte Yellow no longer effects the Green Lantern rings, as far as I’m aware.

Everyone that just listed names, why? I’d really like to hear everyone’s reasons.

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