DC Universe

Is this app shutting down soon, I was talking to my friend about it and he said that the app is shutting down in the next few months and that HBO Max will replace it, is there any truth to this?

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Nope. DCU will remain alive and well for the foreseeable future.


Both DC Universe and HBO Max will be owned by AT&T / Warner Brothers.

HBO Max will come on line around May 2020.

It is a movie and original content streaming service.

DC Universe is more than that. It has:

A Community Forum open to all

A library of more than 24000 comic books

A deep archive of animated and live action TV shows which are not recent

Animated films

DC Daily

Original Animated and Live Action Original Conent

A merchandise store with exclusive DC products

As stated by Top AT&T / Warner Brothers / DC Comicd / DC Universe Management DC Universe is here to stay. They have hired aditional staff, recently created a massive upgraded Community System and does fan engagement at conventions and premieres of DC movies.

HBO Max is bigger than just DC video but all video owned by Warner Brothers. It will have millions more subscribers than DC Universe and cost more than twice the monthly fee.

HBO Max will have all DC live action films for the last forty years. If that is your only interest the HBO Max service may be the one for you if you can afford it.

All DC live action and animated assests whether movie or TV owned by Warner Brothers will remain with the two AT&T services HBO Max and DC Universe except for those assets liscensed to outside sources by existing contracts or assests not owned by Warner Brothers such as Batman 66 TV show and Swamp Thing films.

What video assests will be exclusive to HBO Max, exclusive to DC Universe or shared by the two services is unknown at this time.

It is almost certain we will keep what we have.

It is extremely likely that any video that once was here will come back here.

It is possible that HBO Max may share with DC Universe one or two DC titles for a short period of time on a rotating basis.

That would show good will to a sister site as well as generate interest in the full catalog of DC video exclusive to HBO Max.

Again all of the above sharing is unknown at this time.


Good. The HBO thing sounds like a terrible replacement idea! :rofl: