DC Universe

Who else is enjoying this app? All the content, videos and comics is amazing. There is way more then I had heard about and can’t wait for more. Titans was awesome and rewatching Young Justice so I can catch up to Outsiders.


I’ve been enjoying it since it was in beta stage, just couple of weeks before the release day. And I’ve enjoy it ever since. DC hasn’t disappointed me yet! :grin:

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I’m using this service more and more each day.

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Been enjoying it and it keeps getting better.


I’m enjoying it a lot. can’t wait for Doom Patrol next week

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I’m really digging this app. I loved Titans. Love all these comics. Most of all, I sincerely love this community! Seriously. You are all total class acts. Tolerant and forgiving too…


This app has been amazing! It keeps growing and growing, I can’t wait to see how it continues to expand. I liked Titans and Young Justice was exceptional!! I’ve been able to enjoy so much DC content I never thought I would experience because of this app and that’s made it all worth it.

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I’m a fan. The shows have always been dope, and ever since the year began the comics section has improved immensely. There’s more content than I can consume, which is the best problem to have.

Use this app every day. Finished Super Sons(which I’ve now ended up buying after reading here), Flashpoint, and now on Infinite Crisis.

Young Justice S3 has been amazing!

Look fwd to Doom Patrol next week :slight_smile:

Also just started watching Green Lantern The Animated Series on here and it’s great.

So yeah, this service rules!

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To paraphrase a scene from Billy Madison:

Me: Of course DC Universe is the coolest! Everyone likes it. You’re not cool unless you like DC Universe!

Random kid: Really?

Me: Yes!

Tour guide: If liking DC Universe is cool, then call me Cool St. Cool!

Me: Oh my goodness, that is cool!



To piggyback off Vroom. “ It’s nudie magazine day!!”

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