DC Universe:Year One - What Are Your Favorite Moments from September, 2018-Now?

:cyclone:It’s public knowledge, we’re in an accelerated time vortex.:cyclone:
But let’s ignore that for a moment! We would love to hear what stands out in your mind when you think of “DC Universe: Year One”. Was it a key moment from Titans, or Doom Patrol? Was it hyping yourself up for the resurrection of Young Justice? Is it waiting for that latest episode of DC Daily to drop, Monday through Friday?

Or maybe it was when we announced that we were putting 20,000+ comics on the service, or a unique News article you read. Or maybe it was, you, know, meeting new people in the community. (Trying not to be biased.)

Let us know your favorite moment in the comment below, and you just might have a chance to have your memory featured in special ways throughout the DC Universe!


The moment I arrived


An infamous moment, indeed.

It truly was the beginning of greatness

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More in depth

Answer the question, characters best fit and the greatest moment hands down was the 1000


The comics library expansion announcement was indeed a joyous event. It shall live in the annals of history for all time… On a more personal note, and what I think prompted me to begin using the Community in earnest, was seeing the “LGBT DC Fans” thread started by GreySonofGotham (who is a hero in my book!) 45 weeks ago. I knew I found a place for me among these wonderful and like-minded people. That’s one of the oldest threads here, I think, and I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I see it bumped up on the list!


The announcement that we were getting 20,000 more comics in the space of a month was definitely the high point for me. For years, I dreamed about having a digital subscription service, and DC Universe delivered.


Early on I really loved seeing everyone open their “Community Hero” bundles on the site, with DC Universe personally giving the love we’ve given them right back.


As for a moment from the originals, the “Doom Patrol GO!” sequence in Young Justice Outsiders made me lose my damn mind. Definitely a highlight so far.

That and Kori in Titans walking in on the Nuclear Family, who had just self destructed.

“Dick’s gonna think I did this!”

Honestly Anna Diop has been an unexpected delight, and a highlight of the show for me.


The 20,000 comics dump, falling in love with Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, and the moment I realized how great Doom Patrol is


Hahaha, what was the moment you realized how great Doom Patrol is, @TheOriginalCaptainMarvel? For me it was when Ezekial the Roach preached on his little soapbox.


Hanging out with y’all.

(You have no idea how special that is coming fro me, LOL)

A Titans TV show.

The build of old cartoons

Being a trivia champion

Watching the cast, if you will, of the Is the Earth thread change every few months…

…and more.


There was so much that happened it hard to pick one. The original and classic shows and movies were the reason I signed up so and they were worth it.
But I fee it was just exploring. I was never a big comic reader but this app got me into comics. So adding the thousands was amazing. Now I read a few every night. The community is awesome with the fun games, great creation, and nice conversations. Also the great news articles and awesome sweepstakes.

And I can’t forget about DC Daily. It’s became a weekly tradition that I enjoy so much. One of my favorite parts of DC Universe.

In short the best thing that happened in year was definitely all the exploration of the new things on here.


@NYJt3, it’s crazy how once you get started reading comics, you catch “the bug”. I think having someone to show you the way is very important. Great to have you here :slight_smile:

Hahaha @MisfitH, ‘Is the Earth’ is a question that touches many people’s hearts!


If it is the one moment, I guess it was feeling lke part of the Community in the DCU Campfire thread in the Random Forum.

I was originally given a handle based on my real name and some numbers.

Something in the forums must caused me to change my handle to TuroKSonOfStone1950.

With anonymity, I started to post to the Forums.

The first two I remember involved the then (and still) mysterious Applejack. One thread maker talked about older fans not being served well. I responded, since I was old, and talked about my difficulty in walking which has progressed badly over this year as well that I left comics in after the Batman TV series had made DC comic silly. The second thread involved Applejack proposing that Santa Claus and Superman might be the same. I replied that Santa was more like Batman, citing the song with lyrics like He knows whether you are bad or good so be good for goodness sake.

Me responding to the threads weren’t was good. I had a tendency to respond to interesting posts of others, not realizing it was off topic, so I got deleted when I posted Links to Youtube on Wonder Woman’s author. This trend continues to this day.

Other times, I posted way too much info. I thought of myself as a thread killer.

Also when I created threads on Best Fan Fiction, How to Write Fan Fiction, Using Existing Fictional Worlds, My Novel and the original My Script I submitted to Denny O Neil for NYU, they were ignored.

So I stopped writing threads, except for proposals Listing the Start Reading Articles in New , Changing Get to Know to include these articles and Contrasting the two different links given to send people to Help, one that didn’t have an obvious Contact Us while the other WAS the Contact Us link.

I continued to answer posts often copying and pasting the Start Reading News Article for a character, which was huge and without links, messing up the thread.

I also forwarded other people’s problems to Tech Support, when they didn’t and then Support after getting a ticket numbers

I loved the weekly prompts from MissInkPlot.

I started to respond to the Latest and Favorite Movie Song TV type Threads and rven admitted that I watched the Bachelorette as my Latest TV show. I also posted way too much info about my life, as my health declined further, secure in my anonymity.

But in Camfire, I submitted a song, about 15 stories and contributed to the racoon segment.

Then I had inadvertently disclosed ny birthday and a thread was created on that. The Happy Birthdays were very nice and appreciated

Currently I am finishing a thread on my Third Writing Topic, on Dialogue. It has a small group responding so far but the posts are very good.

I hope to be part of the Beta Testors on Community 2.0 because of this and my experience and that since I can’t walk I have a lot of time on my hands.

So it took almost a year but I feel more a part of the Community.


unforgettable and so fun, staying up all night for the premiere of new Titans episodes … just electric

the ‘zero issue’ of DC Daily with Kevin Smith, setting the tone for the show and every amazing, informative, funny, and family-like episode since

also, no small achievement, the sense of safety here: thanks to the tireless Alpha Lanterns, who somehow find time to personalize and encourage a positive community experience for all … nothing else like it online

p.s. the Lasso of Truth above the fireplace!


What a plethora to pick from.

The comics drop was amazing and gave me hope for the future of comics by not leaving its past by the wayside. So much of DC is its rich legacy going back 80+ years. A chance for kids and newer fans (read: anybody who started reading comics in the 80’s or later. Yeah I’m old…so sue me.) a Golden, Silver & Bronze opportunity to see comics from different ages and understand that there are so many ways to tell a story and all have their own purpose, reasons & context with our own 20th & 21st century history.

Stumbling across DC Trivia: Answer The Question. A chance to show off one’s plethora of strange, obscure and personally important knowledge. It’s a friendly and good natured competition, but don’t let that fool ya. It’s also a serious competition.

Finding all the animated series in one place. All there and ready to not just consume and enjoy, but, compare and contrast. To be able to finally have a means to point people to when you expose your personal “heretical” view that The Batman animated series is better than Batman The Animated Series. (Yes, I’m serious. Go in and watch them objectively and you might find that BTAS and Mask of The Phantasm, aren’t quite as well done as The Batman & Batman vs Dracula. And all you angry villagers with pitchforks & flaming torches, I’m standing right here and yes, I said it. Bring it on. :wink: )

Looking forward to @AppleJack’s Office Hours thread. It isn’t often you find a service where those “behind the curtain” are willing to put in the effort & time to respond to questions. Virtually all questions. From the very salient type of questions like “What’s going on with X comics, shows, movies on the service?” to the sublime and humanizing questions about “DC ink”, and yes, I’m talking about the kind of comic book ink that comes out of a tattoo gun. Care, compassion, dedication, and truly helps in creating a true sense of community. We are all in this together, regardless of which side of the server you are on.

Waiting, not always patiently, for my DC Daily fix and really coming to care about the show and how important it is to and for the community.

The DCU Originals didn’t disappoint, but they were the sprinkles on top of the beautiful sundae that is DCU.

Nearly a year in and I am SO feeling the aster. DCU has totally crashed the mode!!!


@DeSade-acolyte, I’m astonished you didn’t mention Meta Madhouse- that’s when I first knew you were a formidable contender in this space. Thank you for the lovely response :slight_smile:

@manifest, I remember what a keen and artistic eye you had early on- the first time I saw you talk about “negative space” on a comment I knew you would always have something thoughtful to contribute.

@Turok, I remember early on discussing with you whether hours spent here on a digital space was truly a meaningful way to spend our time, and if it was really a “connection”. I have used that exchange between us as a cornerstone to remind myself that this is an important place for us to make actual connections. You’ve been an important part of the service and I’m so glad you stuck around. Can’t wait to show you the beta!


-the big comics drop
-finding myself goofing around way more than I thought I would on the forum, and finding genuinely great people here
-at the end of Doom Patrol episode 1 when my daughter said “that’s how you get people invested in your characters”


Having original content like TV shows. This gets my friends and I together to binge shows or get together every Friday for a game night and watch the latest episode. DC Universe brings people together.