DC Universe Year One: Top Ten Most Popular TV, FILM, & GAMES Topics! 📺🎥🎮

One of the most remarkable traits of comics is the way the content can translate across mediums, creating the most engaging and entertaining content no matter how it’s adapted. That’s probably why the TV, Film, & Games Category is our second most active Category on these here forums! :tv::movie_camera::video_game:

We’re about to jump into the 10 most active topics from this category. If you missed any of these the first time around the sun, be sure to jump in and share your thoughts by following the shortlinks below!

Released by order of number of total comments in the category from smallest to largest, we ranked each topic by the amount of comments received- AKA, how much conversation they sparked.:zap:

Disclaimer: There are two cheats in this selection process.
1: We noticed some older topics that should have been in the TV, Film, & Games category were placed elsewhere (General, to be specific). In the spirit of staying true to the intention of the TV, Film, & Games category, we have included those topics in the rankings of the section they’re most pertinent to, as they truly belong with the ir ilk in TV, Film, & Games.
2. The #strictrule (most comments) top 30-40 topics were all Watch-Alongs. There was a lot of debate on if we should pick the top WALs as our top ten TV, Film, & Games headliners, but it felt disingenuous, given that the reason they have so many comments is because their format is live chat, rather than open discussion. We decided instead to select those true DISCUSSIONS that were most engaged in.

Without further ado! We’ve seen the tops from Collector’s Corner, Random, Fan Creations, and Comic Books. Be sure to check out the Watchtower to find out what rose to the, well, top in those other fine sections!

  1. Rank the DCU Orginals http://bit.ly/dcurank
  2. Who Would You Cast? http://bit.ly/dcucast
  3. Would You Watch A 4 Hour Justice League SnyderCut??? http://bit.ly/dcu4hour
  4. Whos Your Favorite Doom Patrol Character So Far http://bit.ly/dcudoom
  5. Ruby Rose as Batwoman looks astonishing! http://bit.ly/rubyastonish
  6. Official Aquaman Reaction Thread Warning: Spoilers! http://bit.ly/dcuaman
  7. Classic DC MOVIE quotes http://bit.ly/DCUClassicQuote
  8. Death of Superman / Reign of the Supermen: Who is going to theater release? http://bit.ly/dcudeathreign
  9. DC Character that Deserves, But Has Never Had a Live Action Movie http://bit.ly/dcuneverhad
  10. Favorite Screen Batman http://bit.ly/dcufavebat

Okay, the below might be controversial. We didn’t highlight the top WAL posts as the Top Ten Topics, so why is that how we’re selecting our "thank you’s " to WAL people to call out? Well, while the above represents the most engaging and active conversations for our entire community, no individual stood out like the people we’re about to shout out below. The people that keep the TV, Film, & Games category straight TICKING.

These are the folks who, since the day they joined the service, have actively joined in the early WAL’s to help make them an essential part of the Community experience (despite the technical challenges), or have taken the concept of WAL’s and “yes, and”-ed them to create a superior event for all involved. With this in mind, please join us in recognizing:

:tv:biff_pow :cyclone:(Constanteam FTW!):smoking:

Thank you all so much for being an active and vibrant part of this crazy experiment, despite all the funny workarounds and unintuitive flow. It’s been amazing to hang out in the proverbial living room with you all. Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox over next week- we’ll be reaching out to you soon with a special “thank you”! :two_hearts:


:partying_face: Congrats to all the winners!

And a special shout :heart: to the Constanteam / Nerds of Prey. You are so fun to watch tv and movies with! Biff_Pow’s Constantine engaging post pictures need to be in an art museum or DC archive somewhere!

@Reaganfan78 I watched so many DC shows that I may not have made time to watch if it wasn’t for you taking the lead to host the WALs on a recurring basis. Thank you so much! I had a blast hanging out with you at your WALs!


Congrats to all of you! The WAL efforts are all really special efforts to keep the community together. You’re all community heroes.


It’s so cool (dare I say astonishing!) to see my Batwoman thread make the top 10! That just goes to show how awesome of a character she is and I couldn’t be more excited for the show. I do hope for some DCU things and events around when it premieres, that would be swell! :hugs:


:heartpulse:! Thanks to @movieaddict for keeping the late night WAL alive (and inspiring it in the first place!), and to the Constanteam for being the Constanteam!

And I’d like to nominate @JLWWSM for WAL-Star for her BYOM WALs and for being so stalwartly active and supportive in other people’s WALs, and for being an all-around great friend and DCU neighbor!


Awesome list
Congrats everyone


Congrats to all!


MovieAddict needs you! The Constanteam lives on in spirit, and that spirit is the Nerds of Prey!

bif-pow is catching up on sleep,