DC Universe Year One: Top Ten Most Popular FAN CREATION Topics! 🎨📝👩🏼‍🎤

There is one truth that cannot be denied here in this community- we are teeming with creativity!

Released by order of number of total comments in the category from smallest to largest, we ranked each topic by the amount of comments received- AKA, how much conversation they sparked.:zap:

We’ve seen the tops from Collector’s Corner and Random, and today, we’re taking a tour of the Best Of… Fan Creations! :woman_artist:t2: If you missed any of these the first time around the sun, be sure to jump in and share your own pride & joy by following the shortlinks below!

  1. DC creations http://bit.ly/dcucreations
  2. Post and share your sketches/drawings http://bit.ly/dcushare
  3. What inspires you? http://bit.ly/dcuinspire
  4. “DC Universe: Year One” Artwork Needed! http://bit.ly/dcuyearoneart
  5. Given the Opportunity to Write a Comic Book Story Arc… http://bit.ly/dcuoppo
  6. If you could write or draw for DC, what character/title/imprint would you like to work on? http://bit.ly/dcuif
  7. Which is better?(Bat Logo) http://bit.ly/dcubatlogo
  8. So who wants to create stories? http://bit.ly/dc ucreate
  9. I’m The Question, hero of Hub City. AMA http://bit.ly/DCUHCQ
  10. DC Universe Members Only Facebook Group! http://bit.ly/DCUFB

This was a tough one to work through. We had some stipulations we had to put in place (specifically ensuring our call-outs were abiding the Fan Art Guidelines found in the Help Center), but the big takeaway was this: People love creating, people are inspired to create, and by Glob people are GOING to create!

Although there are posts with a high level of comments (per our rules), and some very engaging conversations that could arguably be categorized elsewhere, our member recognition of this community goes to @TurokSonOfStone. A constant source of pure passion and commitment, @TSOS is always there to show off their stuff and take our creativity to the next level. They’ve been a crucial part of making FanCreationFridays a better activity, and the Fan Creations category wouldn’t be the same without them. :memo::crown:

@TurokSonOfStone, be sure to stay tuned over the coming days - we may just be in touch about getting a token of your creativity shipped your way!


Congratulations @TurokSonOfStone!

And congrats to everyone!


Well deserved, @Turok! You’re a never-ending font of creativity and the forum wouldn’t be the same without you!


Awesome Congrats to all

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I do not frequent this area much, but happy one year anniversary to everyone involved :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats @TurokSonOfStone! You make that category.

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Thanks everbody.

This forum has got me writing again, after several years.


Number 1 did have a lot of comments, but I don’t know if I’d consider it as something that sparked conversation. Much of it is just spam where people say, “Will do.”

Is there any reason why Don-El’s “The Superhero: A weekly slice-of-life DCU Comic Strip by Don-el” post was not included? It has more comments than numbers 9-10.

Congrats @TurokSonOfStone! You deserve the recognition. You are definitely dedicated and a staple of FCF.


I have great fondness for that AMA thread. It opened a lot of doors for me.


Congratulations @Turok!

I enjoy reading other people’s writing and viewing their art, as we’ve got a wonderfully talented team of writers and artists here right now, with more to come in the future.


Late to the game, but congrats, Turok!


Well deserved, Turok! Your stories are always a joy to read, and I’m looking forward to seeing your name in my weekly prompt threads whenever inspiration strikes.