DC Universe Year One: Top Ten Most Popular COMIC BOOKS Topics! πŸ“•πŸ“™πŸ“’πŸ“—πŸ“˜

Where in the world would we be without discussions about comic books? NOWHERE, THAT’S WHERE! We’d be floating in an infinite Vantablack void of complete existential nothingness! And that is why it is a true honor to present to you our top topics from DC Universe’s Year One, COMIC BOOK CATEGORY. :books:If you missed any of these the first time around the sun, be sure to jump in and share your own pride & joy by following the shortlinks below!

Released by order of number of total comments in the category from smallest to largest, we ranked each topic by the amount of comments received- AKA, how much conversation they sparked.:zap:

We’ve seen the tops from Collector’s Corner, Random, and Fan Creations. Be sure to check out the Watchtower to find out what rose to the, well, top!

  1. (Honorable Mention) Finally new comics in the library http://bit.ly/dcu_FinallyNewComics
  2. Sign this Petition for Legion Comics on DCU http://bit.ly/dcu_PetitionforLegionComics
  3. What are 5 obscure characters, you love from DC? http://bit.ly/dcu_FiveObscureCharacters
  4. nobody really talks about DC REBIRTH comics, so please share, discuss, and ask on this chat. http://bit.ly/dcu_TalkAboutDCRebirth
  5. DCUBC-Epics: JONAH HEX, All Star Western (2011-) http://bit.ly/dcu_DCUBC_Epics_JonahHex
  6. DCU Book Club Week 22: FLASHPOINT DIGITAL DELUXE (2011) Issues 1-5 http://bit.ly/dcu_BookClubWeek22_Flashpoint
  7. The Wild and Wacky DC Comics Covers of the 50’s and 60’s Fan Club 4. Starts Here!! http://bit.ly/dcu_WildandWackyCovers
  8. What DC Comics digitized this week http://bit.ly/dcu_DCComicsDigitized
  9. That Night in Crime Alley http://bit.ly/dcu_ThatNightInCrimeAlley
  10. What Are You Currently Reading? http://bit.ly/dcu_WhatAreYouCurrentlyReading

Determining who has made the Comic Books category really shine was equal parts difficult and easy. There have been half a dozen clubs that have emerged, and they’re all wonderful! There have been some very engaging topics that have allowed everyone to chime in and share their thoughts. But all of these clubs, and the vibrancy of the category, would not be possible with the tireless efforts and inspiration of four- that’s right, FOUR - wonderful leaders in our community. It is my privilege to support the efforts of @MattMcDonald, @JLWWSM, @Don-El, and @ Nathan.Payson. :notes::crown::notes::crown::notes::crown::notes::crown::notes:

These fine folks have been with us since Day One of Year One, every freaking week. Their passion has led each of them, in their own way, into creating an oasis of participation in the face of technical challenges, and a brand-new sweet baby angel community. They have all forged new paths and done it with grace and good humor. I couldn’t be more proud of our community, and I can’t imagine our community without you. Please keep your eyes peeled for a token of our gratitude in the next week or so. :heart:


I feel so blessed to have met the people you mention here as well as yourself, Applejack!

Again, who saw this year coming??? not me!


Man, I should really get back to finishing That Night in Crime Alley. Maybe when images get easier to post.


I may have literally started clapping and saying yes when I saw those four names! Luckily I am at home!

@JLWWSM and @MattMcDonald, I have made my feelings about you both known already, but you both make these forums such a beautiful inviting place. I love that I have gotten to meet you both. You both have beautifully kind souls.

@Don-El, you have provided some of the best comic recommendations to me this year! You truly are one of my favorite people on these forums. Sorry, I have been missing in discord lately, but I hope we get to catch up soon!

@Nathan.Payson your passion for DC shows in every post you make in the comic section! Your intelligence shines through in every single one! I have enjoyed seeing your rebirth posts the most though this year.

You four truly deserve every recognition you get and so much more!!! This made my heart so happy today.


Thanks Princess Amethyst!

I’m thinking there will be some nice communication tools with Community 2.0 in the next month as well, similar to Discord.


@applejack!thank you SO much for the support.

Everyone if you want to listen to us, JL, Matt, me, and maybe Don-El will be together tonight which should come out tomorrow!!


Actually, you know what? To celebrate Year One, I’m going to finish my TNICA project this weekend.


(Or at least get it up to date.)


Awww shucks :slight_smile:, thank you @PrincessAmethyst. As you know, I feel the same way too :hugs:.

Congratulations to everyone on the list!

Book Clubs would not be possible without community members reading and chatting with us! Thanks to all of YOU for joining in and making it fun and successful, and thanks for all of your support @Applejack!

:books: :open_book::partying_face::speaking_head::busts_in_silhouette:


Congrats pannapictagraphists :slight_smile:


Congratulations. to the Fantastic Four


Thanks Vroom and TurokSonofStone1950!



Thank you for guiding our ship. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!



:sob::sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much! I’m so glad we had a chance to meet!


Awesome Congrats everyone.


i hope you all can see this because he’s doing it as hard as he can


That Night in Crime Alley is COMPLETE! (For now… it will only be a matter of time before comics return once more to Bruce’s origin story.)


And now that that’s out of the way, congratulations to the book clubbers! Matt, JLWWSM, Nathan, and Don-El are four of the hardest working people in our community, and their labors of love deserve to be rewarded.


There are only 10 on that list, y’all skipped 4?


Uh. I guess 11 wasn’t a bonus honorable mention then.

walks away whistling