DC Universe:Year One Pt. II – What Are Your Favorite Moments from 🛋DC Daily🛋?

Yesterday, I asked you all what your favorite moments from DC Universe were. But for you deep-cut fans who tune in to the couch every day, we also want to know: What are your most memorable moments from DC Daily?

Was there a special guest, discussion, or field trip that stands strong in your memory? Or maybe, you just adore Pinot Grigio Sally and everything she stands for!

Let us know your favorite DC Daily moment in the comment below, and you just might have a chance to have your memory featured in special ways throughout the DC Universe!


3 words: Baby Cagey Wagy

The book clubs and episodes discussions are good. Great to see variety in there.

The interviews are what really set it apart. Marv, Denny, Dini, Uslan, Susan Eisenburg, Andrea, KC… and the list goes on.

The behind the scenes thread was great!!

Seeing the professional growth of Clarke, Whitney & Amy really step up and bring female perspective to comics. An area for decades that has been lacking.

The LBGTQ Pride day episode. So touching. I don’t get emotional over tv shows, but that one just really struck a chord.

Let us not forget “finger, finger, knife fingers” either. But “Baby Cagey Wagey” top’s that list.

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Anytime John Kourounis was on.

The times guests did solo interviews to camera. I like the professional feel of the production during those segments.

The segment for Darwyn Cooke.

Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp talking in the comic book shop.

The LGBTQ+ Pride episode. It was great.


Samm Levine going to check out DC movie props.

Tiffany Smith, Harley Quinn Smith, Clarke Wolf & Whitney Moore doing anything

All absolutely beautiful. John Barrowman revealing his DC collection. Hector Navarro

imitating Sherloque or is it “ Sherloque” only Harrison Wells knows the pronunciation.

Samm Levine returning to the comic shop he went to as a youth.

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Oh and the Aquaman special, might be a bit out of bounds but had Kevin Smith & other Cast Members. One of my favorite DC related docs ever.

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The Takeover, of course.

…if I missed it in person…


The Francis Manapul Draws episode! I love his New 52 run of the Flash, so it was awesome seeing him draw on DC Daily.

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George Perez interviews. The addition to the cast of Amy Dallen because she brought so much knowledge to the show. The Mother’s Day discussion on best mother in the DC Universe! The interview with Kevin Conroy and Andrea Romano. So much goodness from this show.


I love the behind the scenes at the Sideshow studios, but hands down my favorite moment is when Sam said sashay away, shante you stay. I don’t even remember what episode or why but I remember just losing it and laughing hysterically.

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There so much greatness in the show it’s hard to pick one.

There’s all the awesome interviews, art segments, movie clubs, book clubs (TALIHOOO), and all the other awesome stuff.

I would have the day the Halloween episode was a great moment. But I have to go with the Cajun Wager. The suspense of what would happen was there for all ten episodes.

Also forgot the Meta Madhouse episodes. Those were fun.

I’m still laughing over “Finger-Finger-Knife-Fingers.”
I’m sure Clarke is too.


The Halloween episode was great, the Yule log, and the deep dives on Book Club. TALLY HO🍀

I really appreciate how it gives us a chance to hear from actual real live humans how extremely inclusive DC is.

I’m getting SUCH a kick out of the “Villian” in the new Lois book :wink: but it’s nice to constantly feel that in world full of so much (blech) there are people who truly believe in truth, justice and the American Way!

You know…

“E Pluribus Unum” and all that stuff.

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Some of my favorite moments were…

The interview with George Perez, one of my favorite artist and a legend love them giving him a chance to talk so much about some of the highlights of his career.

The Michael Uslan interview… I could have listened to Amy and Sam interview him for hours.

The Cajun Wager… a fun running gag as it were, and loved the bit of Humphries trying to trick them into thinking Cable was a crow in the end.

The Meta Madhouse episode with Cameron Cuffe because his love for DC and the characters shown through. I don’t expect actors on DC shows to be die hard fans going in, but knowing there are some who truly appreciate what they are a part of is always great to see.

Could probably go on but those are the moments that first come to mind.

  • The interview with Pinot Grigio Sally
  • The Krypton Season 2 cast interview
  • The Fan Takeover episode, but I admit I am biased.
  • @HubCityQuestion’s trivia with the DC Daily cast
  • The read-along for Sam Humphries’s Harley Quinn
  • Marv Wolfman’s interview for Man and Superman
  • All of the discussions after a new episode of a DCU original series drops

Any and all episodes where DC talent is interviewed.

Comic folks, movie and TV peeps, whatever. It’s all gold and absolutely fascinating stuff.

The interview with Andrea Romano and Kevin Conroy and then the recent Michael Uslan pieces stand as some of the best of an absolutely fantastic lot.


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The part where Jason and Tim appeared

The Halloween dress up

Anything with John Barrowman

Intereviews with actors writers artists. Most sadly deleted. Could this interviews be edited of what caused them to be deleted like clips and combined by show like DC Animation Titans Doom Patrol?

Samm looking at stuff in warehouse

How relaxed the hosts are now, reacting to each other now in natural funny ways

Clarke Amy Whitney are showing their knowledge humor emotions and attractiveness more each day. It is interesting that they often wear dresses which I dont see often but was normal when I grew up.

Fans on the show including HubCityQuestion asking the hosts tough questions.

Meta Madhouse when they argued who would win?

Special days Mothers day. Fathers LGBT

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