"DC Universe: Year One" Artwork Needed!

Huzzah, all!

If you’ve been around the forums, you’re likely already aware of this wonderful factoid: It’ll be DC Universe’s One Year Anniversary soon! :slight_smile: throws confetti :tada:

To celebrate, we not only want to know what your best moments from the year have been, but also invite you to share artwork you’ve created in honor of them! This week, we’re specifically asking for artwork (and NOT writing submissions), but all artistic mediums are acceptable!

So, ever wanted to commemorate Samm Levine in a macaroni painting? :wink: Or had a favorite Summer Supercation postcard (or other FCF submission) that you want to pay homage to? Maybe there was a unique news article, announcement, or scene from Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, or Young Justice that stuck out for you? Or perhaps the best part of the year was meeting new people, and making friends here on the DC Universe forums?

Well, now’s your time to shine by sharing your artwork celebrating the chosen moment! See the rules below for more info!

:sparkler: RULES :sparkler:
Deadline: This week’s Fan Creation Friday is a TWO week affair , with a submission deadline of September 6th, 2019, so worry not! You’ll have plenty of time to let your imagination be your guide! :slight_smile:

All eligible submissions will be given the chance to be featured on DC Daily, and in other exciting ways throughout the DC Universe for our “Year One” festivities!

Restrictions: Please make sure all artwork abides by the Forum Guidelines: http://yourdcu.com/cmg


*is glad he’s not the only one with a fondness for macaroni “paintings” *

Will there be an opportunity for written Year One tributes via a different thread at some point, or are works of fingerpaints, cheese and Crayolas the main focus right now?

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Sounds like fun!

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@Vroom - Yup, macaroni paintings (the art teacher I liked best growing up was quite fond of mixing media, actually). And as for your question, indeed! Since completion times can differ so drastically for artwork, we started there first, but the writing equivalent will be posted for next week’s FCF. :slight_smile:

@CynicalPink, we’re happy to hear it! If you choose to enter, we look forward to seeing your work! :slight_smile:

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@vroom I’m making you a fusili macaroni statue, because your silly. Just you know becareful, ol Frank got it in a million to one shot

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I’d like to enter! I’m already almost through with my Young Justice Nightwing inspired from Phil Bourassa’s work :slight_smile:


Wait-- you want another written piece next week, after I already did one for Hub City’s companion piece (plug)? I’m calling the Union!


@MIB Sweet! Writing is more my speed TBH. I’ve tried macaroni projects in the past, but they never go anywhere as I just end up making mac n’ cheese with it instead.

@RDB Frank should see Cosmo Kramer. You know, the ***man!


Hmm, still deciding what to make, but out of curiosity, can art be animated? Like a gif?

I would like to enter. How so I submit work?


Here’s my first drawing of my favorite show of the year DC universe: Doom Patrol. I love this app and want to be a renown comic book artist so If this got uploaded to DC daily that be awesome with a capital A!!!



Hey everyone! You can submit right here in this topic :slight_smile:

To submit a picture, try the following steps:

  1. Head to postimage.org
  2. Upload your artwork
  3. Copy the “Direct Link”
  4. Come back here, and click “post reply”
  5. Click the little “image” icon
  6. Paste the link

And it’s submitted, voila :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

And an animated GIF sounds fantastic, we’d love to see it!


@Applejack, annnnd, this is why you’re my favoritest superhero of all - thank you! :slight_smile:

@DhruvGrayson - nice! That sounds like it’ll be a treat for the eyes! o.o

@MisfitH - that subtle plug, lol. :wink: I think you might be able to submit any pieces you’ve already shared on the forum (especially if you’re using it to symbolize how one of the FCF prompts was a fav moment from this first year), so if that’s the case, no need to rewrite. Will have details finalized by Friday, though!

@Vroom - lol at your and @RobertDeBeero’s posts. I feel ya, however, on the macaroni art. I’m always left in awe by the works of art out of slabs of butter, nowadays, too. My first reaction would be looking for a knife and something to put some on. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Franthejellyman - nothing’s showing for your post, unfortunately. :frowning: Can you re-submit it for us? Can’t wait to see what you and @Vass4life.91181 have in store for your posts! :slight_smile:


@MissInkBlot - Here is my re-submitted piece of Doom Patrol’s Robot man I hope everyone thinks it’s awesome!!!


That is a fantastic Robotman


@mightyDavid2814 - thanks comments like yours are the things that keep me drawing and stuff.


@MIB I hear ya. If I tried to sculpt/build with butter, I’d probably get intoxicated by its sweet, enticing aroma and say “No art for you, you’re going onto food.” then find some food to affix said butter to.

Not that I uh, talk to butter mind you. pulls on shirt collar nervously, Rodney Dangerfield style

@Franthejejyman That’s a wonderful rendition of Robotman. Very, very nice.


Nice work Fran. Love the colors.


That IS awesome work, @Franthejellyman! :smiley: How did you get that beautiful metallic look? Did you use any special pigments?


@Zatanna - just strictly prisms coloring pencils here is a YouTube video link of me speed drawing it if you are interested https://youtu.be/23GMOCsdaz0