DC Universe v. Marvel Unlimited v. ComiXology

I love comic books an have since I first picked up an issue of Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heros (The Legionnaires who Haunted Superboy) in the mid 70’s. I have just re-upped my yearly subscription to all 3 digital sites and believe that when you take the best story tellers and pair them with the best artists and you end up with a comic book (quote taken from a DC documentary). I still go to my local comic store to get my pull list-but do thoroughly enjoy my digital subscriptions and wondered how many other subscribe to multiple sites and what you like most/least about them.

For DC Universe-the movies, comics and Community sites are superb-especially the Community Sites (Marvel and ComiXology could learn something here). Marvel Unlimited allows me to catch up on story lines I missed during the years I walked away from comics and allowed me to fall in love with the current run of Daredevil and the Thor run from Marvel Unlimited (DC could learn something with have freaking great these titles are…character development can sell-not only in Batman stories). ComiXology has comics by Vertigo, Dark Horse, Image and independents
with wonderful full runs of Sandman, V for Vertigo, Divinity, etc.

If I had to only choose one to subscribe to…it would be difficult, but I’ve always been a DC first fan. Fortunately, I don’t have to make that choice.


Oh, wow, you got all 3?! Is that you Scrooge McDuck? lol

Have you read Rachel Rising on Comixology Unlimited? I recommend it if you are into the occult and humor. Moore draws gorgeous people.


Well, personally I’d put my weight behind Strangers in Paradise, but unfortunately the run is only partially complete on Unlimited. Rachel Rising isn’t bad, though.


Rachel Rising got a little too weird for me at the end but I really wanted to read Strangers in Paradise too. It is a daunting endeavor though…

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Will give it a read. Reading The Last Temptation by Gaimen right now

I’ve got all 3 as well. I got into digital via Comixology purchases but subscribed to MU as soon as it became available. Then CU and finally DCU. This way all 3 bases are covered - DC @ DCU, Marvel @ MU, & other publishers @ CU.

Saves me a ton in digital purchases & there are more choices than I could ever read within the 3. I love the concept!


I can’t believe we have so many options available to us. Imagine going back in time and telling yourself you not only can read as many comics as you want on one device, but you’d have multiple places filled with thousands upon thousands of comics to choose from?

We’re living the dream!


A “virtual” library sounded like science fiction for sure


If you would have told me as a young teen that I could read the Golden Age Comics and earlier Silver Age for the costs of $10 a month-I would have fainted.