DC Universe Utah - Conversation

Hi, I am member from Utah and really enjoyed seeing fellow members at the “Birds of Prey” screening last night. I would love to have a place to talk to fellow members, plan potential meet ups, and discuss local fan opportunities.

If you live in the beautiful Beehive State, introduced yourself!

I’ll go first:

Name: KellieAnn

Location: Greater Salt Lake Area

Favorite DC:

  • Character: Batman
  • Comic: The Long Halloween
  • TV: Any of the DCAU
  • Feature Film: Birds of Prey

Bio: I am a semi-professional nerd; I produce KSLNewsradio’s Movie Show each Friday, guest on the Fan Effect podcast, and have been a special guest at FanX. I love casual cosplay and inserting it into my daily life. And am a BatWondy shipper. Kahalvo.com


Not from Utah… but still very nice to (virtually) meet you!

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