DC Universe/Titans appreciation!

Amongst all of the great discussions I see on here (I’m a bit of a lurker for the most part, outside of some Community Hours!) I see far too much negativity on here, so I just want to express my gratitude for this service and specifically; Titans!

I’ve been hyped for Titans since I heard it was announced. I grew up watching 2003 Teen Titans, I ADORED (and still do) those characters (Raven is best Titan)! I can remember being outside during recess and “playing” Teen Titans with friends in elementary school, and I’ve been dying for a season 6 since the last episode of season 5 aired! I’ve only gotten into comic books in the past 5 years or so (starting with Gotham Academy when I was in high school! [DC please give us second semester]), but reading Teen Titans comics has only made my love for all these characters deepen. Hearing that I’d get to see live action versions of some of my favorite fictional characters of all time was HYPE. I pre-registered for DC Universe as soon as possible, and agonized every day for the premier and it did not disappoint! I can’t wait to see the rest of season 2, and watch it all over again! And before Titans aired you KNOW I binged all of Teen Titans in glorious HD for the first time, here on DC Universe! And I’ve gotten to read SO many comics that I never thought I’d be able to afford to read.

In the midst of “the streaming wars” DC Universe will always be on top of my list. The original programming itself would honestly be worth the price of admission for me, but going through all these shows I’ve adored for years, exploring new shows and movies and comics I would get the chance to otherwise, it’s honestly magical for me.

Okay I think everyone knows I’m a huge freakin nerd now! Please tell me what makes DC Universe special to you as well! :slight_smile:


Ditto on Titans appreciation JJ. I think season 2 is really looking good.

I had never read much of the Titans prior to the show. But this service allows you to follow the Titan rabbit hole as far as you like. I read all the Rebirth Titan family titles, then ended up buying physical copies of several because I loved the story. I am now reading Geoff Johns run and the OG Titans series is next.

Much appreciation to DCU!


I haven’t gotten around to reading much Rebirth Titans yet, but Rebirth Teen Titans is fantastic! The latest issue honestly blew my mind, Adam Glass is having a GREAT run! And I just started Marv Wolfman’s run of New Teen Titans so I’m in the same boat as you there I think :slight_smile:


I’ve loved all the live action shows so far and I’m really looking forward to what comes next. Stargirl, Bizarro TV, and DC You all sound great. And soon we get Community 2.0 which it sounds like they’ve put a LOT of hard work into. Yep, DC Universe rocks!!

And none of that even mentions the main reason I’m here: the comics!!


Ahh I can’t wait to see what they cook up for BizarroTV! Here’s hoping they use it to #saveswampthing in at least some capacity haha


@JayJayden If you think the Rebirth volume of Teen Titans is good, then you’ll likely love the Rebirth Titans series.

Rebirth Teen Titans is a 7, while Rebirth Titans cranks up the dial to 11.


Titans is the best show out there. Season 1 was solid, but season 2 is insane! Can’t wait to watch rest of season 2. DC DONT CANCEL TITANS!!!


@Vroom that’s great to hear! I started reading Titans when Beast Boy and Raven switched to that team, but unfortunately it was cancelled fairly soon after :confused: I’ll have to go back and read the rest of the series soon!

@JayJayden The post-No Justice issues of Titans were pretty good, but everything from Titans: Rebirth #1 (remember, Titans begins with that one-shot and not at Titans #1) up to that point was great, just great.

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@Vroom I actually remember getting that one shot as soon as I could! I thought it seemed great but alas, I couldn’t afford the rest of the book with all of the other stuff on my pull list at that time. Good thing I don’t have to buy them and have DC Universe :wink:

POSITIVITY!!! :heart: I’ll join in!

I’m not quite caught up with Titans but I really love it so far. I have two episodes left of Season 1. The big binge-watch playlist is GREAT, I love hearing the cast talk about their characters. I am absolutely in love with Donna, she rocks. Kori and Gar are my other favorites— Kori makes sense because she’s my favorite Titan in pretty much any adaptation, but Gar is a surprise because I don’t love most versions of him. But in this show he’s such a sweetie! (Shoutout to Dawn and Hank for being pretty darn cool too!)

And I’ve been reading the 80s Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans as well here on DC Universe! My local library had some volumes of it but definitely not all. Man, what a good series! The characters are all so deep and the power of their friendship really warms my heart. I’ve almost reached Judas Contract. Time to see what all the fuss is about! :wink:

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I want every current DC live action show to keep production. Nobody (including the DCU folks) wanted SWAMP THING (sob) to be cut short (hopefully, Amazon or HBO or Netflix might pick up such a highly-regarded show), and none of us, at all, wants to see that happen again.

DOOM PATROL has a second season in the works, and, by Grid, I WANT Alan Tudyk back as Mr. Nobody 2.0. He is a busy actor, and would love playing him again, if scheduling allows. I want the Brotherhood of Dada!


I also have seen the the first teen titans show and read the comics. They are pretty cool :sunglasses:. I like all other hero teams too but teen titans with Damian Wayne is the best of all of them.

Really love this show!! Very much looking forward to season 3!

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