Dc Universe Sweepstakes

Has anyone actually one the dc universe sweepstakes? Not trying to shame dc or make it sound like a scam but I’m very concerned if they don’t even pick people. IF U HAVE WON ANY OF THE SWEEPSTAKES PLS COMMENT BELOW. Very interested to see results. If u have not please do not lie.

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No. I’ve entered every one and won nothing :weary:


Not me :sob:

Hi BatSpeedster22, we have not selected winners for any of the sweepstakes yet :slight_smile: We are allowing a few weeks window of time for mail-in entries. The only exception is the Titans Premiere Screening that occurred last night- 4 lucky folks went to that!


Ahhh good to know!

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Ok thank you so much for the update!!

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So are people that entered eligible to win multiple times?

Only 4 people went to the Titans Premiere Screening? Aw, man… I’m in NYC (entered, didn’t win) and would’ve loved to go

@comicbookjerk That is TBD, but most likely each person can only win once.

Okay Applejack we’re all really curious how many people are using this app at this point approximately? 200? 2000? 50000?

Everyone who matters.



I bet I know the number is growing everyday, tho.
But are there enough paying people to sustain it?

I like the start, but, it definitely needs a lot of improvements to grab people. The stay and pay crowd.

Here is the Official Rules with dates and details about the drawings:


For the various sweepstakes I click on the link and it takes me nowhere to enter my info. Is it a software or hardware issue on my part? Or does it recognize me as a member?

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I’m confused as to why there are mail in entries? The sweepstakes always state these are contests exclusive for members on the service…which is a digital service. WTF do you need a “mail in entry” for? Click link…enter info…entered contest. Just sounds shifty, shady and…borderline manipulating

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@TheKelticJedi, it’s a legal thing. You’ll see this option on every giveaway out there.


@smcalpine.22467 - Hm, that’s new to me. Have you tried the following?

  1. Using a different browser
  2. Clearing your cache
  3. Question: are you using mobile or web?

I have the same issue as smcalpine. I tried using different browsers given both the mobile and desktop mode and the only way I have been able to enter is by being loaned an iPad or a desktop pc computer. The weird part is a week or so ago, mobile devices were able to access the sweepstakes through the app, but since the latest update, that option is no longer available.

Update: I just cleared the cache and the issue is still there. When I first noticed the issue, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but that did nothing as well.

@Applejack Do you know how to fix this? There was an update ready today, but the issue with the sweepstakes still persists even after the update.