DC Universe survey

For anyone upset with the comic selection here on DC Universe, DC has sent out an official survey about all aspects of the app, including comics. I imagine plenty of people here have all ready gotten it, but if not, look for it in your inbox and let them know why it’s falling short from being as great as it could be.


What does it say about the comics exactly?

Just how satisfied are you with the presentation, navigation, layout, etc. of comics. If you wish to provide feedback for improvement, you can do so on the last question of how to improve or if you select “very dissatisfied”, then you will be asked to explain.

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I got the survey by email.

If you disliked a feature, they listed reasons why.

Most of the reason we have are on the list

You could also fill in the blank, like what character do to want comic books off

I would be interested if only certain people were selected, like frequent contributors, or every member.

It was a general email, so everyone should have gotten it by now.

If you receive email, please answer it.

When they get the results, analyzing the data should be easy, except for fill in the blank.

I mentioned Smallville and Batman 66 as video i want


I answered it and gave the service generally good reviews. I did write a long comment about the comics though.


Answered mine. Said they need more new comics without taking them down so quickly.


Did mine today

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I received it as well I made sure they were aware that the overall I’m fairly satisfied

that I would like the community to have the same functionality as free Discord: being able to delete or edit our comments, being able to have one-on-one conversations, being able to easily add attachments or images

beyond that I also mentioned I would love to see them start immediately showing first issues of new comics from 9 months ago and then every month have the next issue on succession going forward. that would keep me happy in the comics side.

I also mentioned that they need to be a little smarter about the comics they do have for the 2,500 library.

and that I’m willing to pay a modest fee if they do start offering the newer comics one issue after the other , month by month , with a 9 month gap for a modest additional fee.

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First time I’ve turned the app on since week 2. Waste of money. Hope they change it.

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Where is the inbox everyone’s talking about. Do u mean my email? Cuz nothing is ever in there when people say check your inbox. Plus when they say check it to see if you’ve won the giveaways, I wouldn’t know, cuz idk what inbox everyone’s talking about?

@djd187 Go to the suggestion box section and find a thread called “Hey Mods, I haven’t gotten any emails since…” and yourself to the thread. Apparently some of us aren’t receiving emails.



Thank u :blush:


Reading this I’ve realized that I’ve never gotten an email from DCUniverse. Went and entered a request for help late last night and this morning they wrote back that my email was never verified and they just did it manually. Probably won’t get the survey (I guess I could ask them to send it to me) but their customer service was impressive in this instance.

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I took the survey and was a little harsh. Not because I hate the service, it’s actually my most used app, but by being more critical it might encourage them to implement changes quicker. It’s nothing personal against the service I just really want it to thrive for a long time.


I haven’t gotten the email. Last one I got was on Friday about the Aquaman early screening.

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