DC Universe Superman Book Club

The DC Universe Superman Book Club is dedicated to the discussion of the Multiverse’s greatest hero: Superman! From comic books, to radio, movies, TV, merchandise and more, if Superman’s involved in it in some way, it’s open for discussion here!

Our discussions typically focus on DC Universe available comics that star Superman and/or characters that thematically relate to him in some way. Whether it’s Action Comics, The Adventures of Superman, The Man of Steel, New Super-Man, Steel, Supergirl, Superman, Superman: The Man of Steel, Super Sons or beyond, any Superman themed title/book is up for grabs.

These are often paired with DC Universe available movies or episodes of assorted TV shows that relate to a given week’s comic selection in some way. This ensures a cross-platform Superman based multimedia experience that delivers an adventure worthy of The Last Son of Krypton.

Club members are free to discuss anything else pertaining to Superman, so long as they are also discussing the discussion topics of a given week. Discussions will run for 7 days, from Friday of one week, until Friday of the next.

To join, prospective members MUST :

  1. Possess a Level 3 or higher clearance.
  2. Have an interest in Superman, and a desire for fun. Whether you’re a dyed in the wool Superfan, or you don’t know Superman from Radioactive Man, this is the place for YOU! :smiley:
  3. Follow all Community Guidelines at all times.

Sounds like a fun place, right? Indeed it does. Go ahead and take flight with us by joining the DC Universe Superman Book Club right here :point_down:: https://community.dcuniverseinfinite.com/g/DCUniverseSupermanBookClub

If you’d like to contact me directly, feel free to send me a message, so we can have us a Superchat. :speaking_head:

Up…up…and away! :man_superhero:


Alright! I was wondering why I hadn’t seen anything from this club. Looking forward to seeing it start up again. :slight_smile:


Might give this one a try as well. I’ve always wanted to get more into Superman and maybe this club can help with that. :smile:

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Wait. Do I have to know Superman from his recurring nemesis named Radioactive Man, or do I have to know him from “The goggles do nothing!” Radioactive Man? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why, the “Real acid?” flavor of course. :wink:

Be careful though. Some people get Radioactive Man mixed up with Radiation Dude, and well, that’s just a nightmare that even Mickey Rooney (The Mickster!) can’t pull ya out of.

“Up and let’s go, Radioactive Man!”


Well, Superman may be tough, but I don’t know how he’d stand up against Paul Lynde.

Anyway, I’ve sent us on enough of a tangent. I’ll spin the Earth backwards and get us back on track. :wink:




GASP Not the dreaded…SCOUT MASTER!

Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?!


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My body is ready!

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That’s good @hotstufflouieb . Superman is glad to hear that. :+1:

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ok that new pic for the book club is Awesome!!!

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Thanks @Aquamon! Its Alex Ross’ cover art from the Superman Forever one-shot.

ok I was thinking it might have been from KC or one of the “sequel” to Kingdom Come (Thy Kingdom Come) JSA. Don’t think The Kingdom had any Ross art. Just looked to see if it was on here, didn’t find it. Thats a bummer. I do kinda remember the cover but don’t think I read that one.

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For you @Aquamon:

Regular cover:


Lenticular cover in action (from Alex Ross’ YouTube channel, no less):

It would be fun to get in digital at some point, as it’s the book where Clark takes on the regular Superman costume again after the Superman Blue/Red stories. On that note, the Superman Red/Superman Blue one-shot would be a good digital get too.

Regular cover

3D cover

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what no Butter!

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There’s always room for butter.

Just like Jello. :crazy_face:

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can anyone join the discussion or is it members only?

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@AntLeon Like the other Book Clubs, it’s a member thing, but joining is super easy, so just hit “Join” and you’ll be One of Us. :grin:

but i’ve contributed to other book club discussions without joining the club. it’s not that i don’t want to be One of You; i thought it was enough to be One of You Adjacent.

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It is enough to be One of You Adjacent, but you get an enhanced sense of being upon tapping/clicking “Join”. :wink:

Along with a metaphorical membership card. :slightly_smiling_face:

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