DC Universe Superman Book Club Week 10: The Death of Clark Kent

TGIF and Happy Harley Quinn Friday, Super-fans! This week, desperate times call for desperate measures, as Clark Kent DIES! But…if he’s dead, then how does Superman continue to exist? Read on to find out!

This week’s lively selections:

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  1. Have you read The Death of Clark Kent before?

  2. Between each of Clark’s “deaths” this week, which story sprung to life the most for you?

  3. Ding dong, Conduit is dead! Which 'ol Conduit? The wicked Conduit! Ding dong, the wicked Conduit is dead! What are your thoughts on the final fate of this thorn in Clark’s side?

That’s what’s cooking this week. Look alive, and as always, have fun and enjoy! :clark_hv_4: :smiley:


Cool. Looks like I kind of missed the initial story from before this, but hopefully I can catch up.

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I look forward to having you along for Conduit’s final ride, @Jay_Kay! :+1:

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What a way to celebrate the New Year, is by remembering the late Clark Kent. :pensive:
:slightly_smiling_face:I had never read it, I’ve heard about it. Poor Clark can’t seem to catch a break, first he went missing, then a crazed former friend trys to kill him, so reading this should be interesting. Give me a few days and I’ll let you know what I think @Vroom!

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Will do, @Reaganfan78! :penguin:

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Favorite STAS eps right there!


Your number 3. spoil the ending LOL! So far I’ve read 3 books so far and what a good story, I feel so sorry for Clark and The Kents!!!

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@AquamonC137 It’s one of the best episodes for sure. The mood, the music, it all comes together to form quite the entertaining tale. It’s also the only episode of STAS to mention Ron Troupe (a prominent staff member of the Daily Planet in the comics).

Also, around the 18 minute mark, keep an eye on the copy of the Daily Planet Lois is reading. The main headline reads “Superman Saves Condemned Man”, but the column down below on the right has a headline of “Fans Nix New Duds!”, which was a reference to the then-new electric blue outfit of Superman’s from the comics.

@Reaganfan78 Fear not friend, nothing’s been spoiled. Besides, the cover of Action #711 proclaimed Conduit to be dead 25 years before I did. :wink:


Clark Kent died owing me a sawbuck


Nice start to the story. This issue is just chock full of DC Universe only products.
Do they still make Superman peanut butter?

I think my grandpa had an Ordster

I know I had a stack of Gorgeous Magazines when I was young


@msgtv I generally don’t like peanut butter from the jar (yet I love peanut butter cookies and candy, go figure), but if Superman peanut butter currently exists, I would have to buy a jar of it. Rao knows I ate more than a few cans of Chef Boyardee’s DC pasta from the time it debuted a few years back, up until my food jobber closed it out a month or so ago.

My brother had a stack of mags when I was younger, but their titles were typically seven letters long, and featured gorgeous content on the inside. Also, two bits says Jerry Ordway has an Ordster. :wink:


Hey @Vroom, I really couldn’t put the book down! I’m almost done reading, Conduit is finally dead, now on to the aftermath. By the way I’m thankful that DC Mods approve your Superman club, it’s the best!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, YOU! :blush: To quote a great man: “Don’t thank me, we’re all part of the same team”.

points out the above testimonial to @Applejack, @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell and the rest of Team Moderator™

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If this doesn’t win me post of the week, nothing will (that is a thing, right?)


Post of the Week, oh…yeah…that’s a…contemporary…deal.

flips through Yellow Pages-sized Rule Book while quietly murmuring “Post of the Week, a thing or not?” to himself

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Ok I’m ready to make my report Vroom! And here we go! :superman_hv_5:

  1. Nope never read it before, I’ve heard about it but never read it, so this was my first time.
  2. Probably with Perry White adopted son, I think that was a good story, I like how Perry and Alice love their son no matter what he look like, people should have thought of this a long time ago, “Who are we to tell God how to make people.” God wants us to care for the person no matter what he or she look like. So anyway that was good.
    As for Superman you can really understand how he feels when he thought he lost some of the people he care about! He probably came close to breaking his own rules of not killing anybody.
  3. Glad he was gone, he was never that great of a villain, he’ll always be the 2nd best! :grin:
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Adv Sup 523

Everybody’s talkin’ at me.
I don’t hear a word they’re sayin’–
Only the echoes of my mind!


Normally a 54 page comic with a single story, no chapter breaks would seem long but not this one, just flew by. Question in real publishing time when did we last see Conduit?

This entire story really is a counterpoint to the current Bendis run. Anyone who knew Clark is at peril.

And I think this is right, he’s Clark first.

Another product, good ole Soder

Superman really twists the knife here


Oh wow I never new that I will def keep an eye out this go around. Thank you good sir!

Saw this to day thought is was interesting. Would not go with the actor he chose though LOL