DC Universe should bring back Constantine

This show is great. If the CW doesn’t want it. Dc should produce more seasons.


I always thought that the show Constantine belonged on a network like AMC I really wouldn’t like it on the CW Hopefully they would put it on here


Yes, please.


Been saying the same thing


I’m all for it, but would there be contractual issues for Matt Ryan?

Constantine was the best DC live action show :+1: I would love to see the story get a proper conclusion.

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Agree, as long as they keep Matt Ryan as Constantine.


Should be a mini-series like 6 episodes Season 2

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Can we offer something to any of the dark lords to make this happen?


It would be awesome, not sure how contractual and rights issues might hinder it or not, but it would be great if they could do that.

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Yes they should. With Justice League Dark making guest appearances.


Absolutely. Would love if they brought Matt Ryan onto Swamp Thing as a guest star and then gave him his own show back on DC Universe. Would be awesome.


I’ll be honest, I was turned off by the first episode. I watched it for the first time on DC Universe and I loved it! It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty damn good! I wish it had premiered on the CW where they love the DC shows. Hopefully they bring him into Swamp Thing.

I don’t know why I put off watching the series. I like the characters. Of course, I’ve had the past series of Legends to warm up to old Johnny boy.

I gotta say, though — I’m halfway through, and even with the whole “rising darkness” angle, it feels like a very formulaic monster-of-the-week show. Or, make that demon of the week, I guess. Just watched the snake-handler episode, and it was the very first one that felt like it had any uniqueness. Does it get better?

If it got better, I could see wanting to bring it back. So far, though, Legends seems like not the worst place in the world for him to continue his story.