DC Universe Shop Sale, 12.13.18-12.17.18

Can we talk about how 2018 is almost over? That we only have tow episodes of Titans left? That the sands of time are slipping rapidly between our fingers?!

Enough about that. I thought you fine collectors would like to know that our shop is featuring a shipping sale of $5 off on orders over $50. If you’re trying to some some DC shopping for the holidays and need to take the sting off, this is the time!


I would buy something on 12/12 and miss the deal by one day :sob:

That $7 shipping to ship from CA to CA is killer

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Applejack, any idea on how I’d go about selling some of my Golden age Batman collection. I’ve never sold any of it and not sure how to go about it.

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@BrightKnight, this is an excellent topic to start in our Collector’s Corner section. I highly recommend starting a topic titled “How Do I sell Gold Age Batman Collection?”
We have a lot of very helpful collector’s over there who would have great advice!
My personal advice is to start by finding a trusted appraiser in your area. They can tell you what their worth is before you go through the effort of grading them through a company call Comics Guaranty Corporation.

Again, highly recommend asking in Collector’s Corner, as you may even find some experts in there! I am a humble peon :stuck_out_tongue:

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