DC Universe: Rebirth

So I decided to start rereading Rebirth and it is amazing!! Then I thought what comics do I want to read from Rebirth? Some I have read and some I haven’t. Then I came across a dilemma. The DC Rebirth group only has the single issue of Rebirth. I did some digging and each issue is available of each series first solo Rebirth title, but you have to go to that comics page to find it. A tall task if you just want to read the beginning of each groups story. Since DC decided to make those first issues stand alones and then start each series with issue 1 or 967 for Action, it makes much more sense for the Rebirth issues to be grouped together in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts! Maybe we can start a petition. As for me I will be starting Flash since I haven’t read it from the beginning of the new series and I have been loving Flash War etc.

It’s possible to put them all in a list before you start reading them.
That way they’ll be grouped together.

The Rebirth #1’s are collected together in trade often. On DCU, the rebirth #1’s are included with the main series. Action Comics and Detective Comics Rebirth #1’s are shared with their other comic. Action Comics–> Superman: Rebirth #1. Detective Comics–> Batman: Rebirth #1

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