DC Universe Presents: Batman Hush

The first episode of DC Universe Presents talks about Jim Lee joining DC Comics and the Batman: Hush event. The video concludes with “now, DC Universe Presents Batman: Hush”. Excited, I go to the comics section only to find none of the Batman: Hush books available.

Just like the DC movies lately, DC Universe has been a pretty colossal let down so far. Definitely not worth the membership price which is unfortunate, because I would really like to support DC Comics. Unfortunately, this is nothing but a money grab.

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I can tell that just in the past 24 hours they have added way more comics, and have fixed some of the glitches already that I complained about yesterday.

I think they are working hard to make this service great.

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3 weeks later… Hush is still not available and the service is worse now than it was at launch.

Since I was stupid enough to trust DC, I prepaid for a year. Perhaps sometime in these next 14 months Hush will be available. They really should remove that DC Presents video until the comics are actually available.

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Daniel, apart from some Teen Titans what else have been added? I havent noticed anything new.

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Hate to break it to you, but we paid $80 for a comic sampler service.

October 12th still no Batman Hush but I can’t like The legends of the Dark Knight shaman and gothic are pretty damn epic so I’m not disappointed just want more

Hush is a badass storyline. The Loeb/Lee team was amazing. If you must teqd it, the trade isnt THAT expensive. But yea, itd be nice to be part of the service since its a focus of one of the shows.