DC Universe PLEASE purchase Krypton!!! (#saveKrypton)

After Krypton joined DC Universe, I saw the community revolve and discovered an energy around the show that wasn’t there before. I believe that the show truly came into its own on DC Universe as the most hard core of fans fell in love with the title. Cameron Cuffe and every other actor on that show is phenomenal, and its clear to me that they love each other.

The direction of Season 3 seems like a phenomenal way to appeal to hardcore fans which let’s be frank is Krypton’s audience. PLEASE!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE purchase this show!!!



WB and DC should not spread their content around, I don’t think. Why was this on Syfy? Why is Pennyworth on Epix? Why was Powerless on NBC? DC should fully own all their content. Buy Batman '66 back from Disney! Buy Swamp Thing movies and shows from whoever… Bring it all back!


At a guess, I imagine that DC shopped some properties that could be more expensive and were like “wanna split the costs and you can air it on your network?” I’m pretty sure they said as much when they announced Sandman on Netflix.


We need more Krypton. Save Seg-El

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Has the show been officially cancelled yet? I checked and it says it hasn’t, it has only been like a week since season 2 ended and they are working on a Lobo spin-off… seems a bit premature to be talking about who should pick it up, or am I missing something?

Ok never mind, I didn’t look well enough. I just now saw it in fact has been cancelled, bummer and sorry for being confused. Well I mentioned last year how Superman (or Superman Family shows) despite having so many shows has so far had a 100% success rate on TV… dang it, I jinxed it. Weird they were talking a Lobo spin-off and now are cancelling it, did the ratings tank or something?


Yes apparently down to 400k from 1M viewers.

This is my favorite live action DC comics tv series. What a shame. I really hope this streaming service does revive the show for a third season.

Save Krypton DCU!!!
This is the Best DC show around please save it!

I get the sentiment and would love to see it, but where is the money coming from to do it?

For a service that is likely generating less than $20 mil a year, what’s your rationale for dropping hundreds of millions into a service that would take so 10 to 20 years to recoup that investment?

For me, I’m “save Krypton” but if DCU/WB looks at it and it doesn’t fit financially I get it.

@DeSade-acolyte Would it be hundreds of millions though? I mean I get it is expensive but are 10 episodes that much? I don’t think eve Netflix spends hundreds of millions for one 10 episode series. Maybe I am wrong but would assume the cost is less then that. Also from what I gathered Sci-fi doesn’t make money except on add revenue not distributing it internationally or the like, so it might be financially doable. Or it might not, obviously if they can’t make the budget work they shouldn’t make it with no hope of making their money back just for the heck of it. But don’t know if just because ScyFy cancelled it that it can’t be financially advantageous to DCU. I mean it is streaming internationally I believe, so would assume those services might want it to continue to offset the cost, that is how they pay for Titans and Doom Patrol from what I understand.

It would be around Titans if I had to guess.

Also, consider the potential of a follow on Lobo series without cable restrictions. As THR noted shows like this do better on streaming. On finances, having watched the show I can tell you the show runners saved money on some episodes, reused sets, minimal CGI, then went nuts on a few big episodes. Think the can live with a reasonable budget.
If it won’t work, it won’t work but at least worth exploring.

I agree 100s of millions is probably high, but definitely far more than Titans, if for no other reason than each episode is longer. I am actually surprised by the amount of original content the service has now. I think the best hope for Krypton is HBO.

The DCU would also have the advantage of not having to pay licensing fees as they own the characters.

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Don’t see why HBO Max and The DCU couldn’t do a cost sharing deal, and put the show on both services, like they’re doing with Doom Patrol

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To be honest, WB already knows if they want to save Krypton or not, they’ve probably been in discussions for months

Imo Krypton is not half as good as the original DCU shows. They need to make new original content like DP, Titans, ST. I would like to hear about any new original shows in the near future. Happy we are getting 2nd seasons to some of those shows.

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