DC Universe Originals Figures/ Statues possibility?

Is there any chance that DC Universe original content will be getting any action figure lines or statues of some sort?

Since Titans dropped last year i instantly wanted a Brenton Thwaites Robin ( and soon to be Nightwing ) figure.

Also thinking into the future with all the classic characters that Stargirl is going to have, it would be great to have figures of these great takes on these great characters.


Robot man and the new Animated Harley Quinn characters would also be interesting to see in figure/ statue form.


Yeah, I would love them to produce some DCU original figures too. Can y’all imagine Hot Toys Doom Patrol!? Super detailed Robotman and April Bowlby please. Also, all the Titans, but especially Dove.
NECA or McFarlane Toys would also be good choices


Yeah I’m thinking McFarlane or DCU exclusive in the DCU Store are the most likely. I’m just hoping that we actually do get some.

If the Arrowverese can get figures and statues made, so can the DCU originals.

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If the Arrowverese can get figures and statues made, so can the DCU originals.

hopes Jim Fletcher of DC Collectibles and/or his team are seeing threads like this

There’s desire for merch DCC. There is a demonstrated, vocal desire for it.

Much more so than “what if?” DCAU figures. Just sayin’, DCC. Just…sayin’.


I would absolutely LOVE a complete Doom Patrol lineup by Hot Toys. absolute buys for me, but Hot Toys have prioritized Marvel for ages, and new Star Wars figures being announced regularly, so I doubt we’ll see them. I wouldn’t mind Hot Toys getting some competition, and having DC put out their own line of quality 1/6 scale figures with tailored costumes.

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Hot Toys quality would definitely be shway!

While I super can’t guarantee anything, I’m loving all of these suggestions! Keep ‘em coming, folks!

I’m gonna move this over to the Collectors’ Corner in a bit so it can get even more traction. :green_heart:


Hot Toys has dropped the ball on DC big time. Disney might as well buy 'em so they can continue with Marvel and Star Wars exclusively.

DC Collectibles seems to be dabbling in the premium category with the upcoming DC Prime line. Only one figure announced though (Batman, of course); a bit noncommittal, so we’ll see how that pans out.

Sorry steered off topic. Would be great to see a Robotman figure or statue, preferably with a speech bubble accessory that reads “What the f…” :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve never owned a Hot Toys figure and likely never will.

They look great, but they have very hit and miss QC. For the money Hot Toys asks, their figures should be highly durable and look absolutely anazing.


What DC Universe Originals do you guys wish there were figures/ statues for?
Plus has anybody heard anything of there possibly being any movement on figures/ statues for DCU Originals?

I just remembered that they are coming out with a DCU animated Harley Quinn statue. Looks great! Hopefully they continue this with the live action Originals as well.