DC Universe Original Movies?

Who else wouldn’t mind seeing some Original Movies on here from time to time? Maybe between gaps when there’s no new episodes of tv. Surely a 90min to 2 hour movie would be easier to produce than 10 episodes of a series. I’d love to see a Hawk and dove movie Or maybe a Donna Troy one.


Oh and a movie about a younger version of Silas Stone and STAR labs would be cool or a young Alfred during his years in intelligence.

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That’s a good idea. If an entire series is too much, little one-off stories here and there featuring different characters would be cool.

Deathstroke is a property tailor-made for this. You can do it with a modest budget, not alot of visual effects expense, etc.

I’m for DCU original flix. Hopefully they’ll happen some day.

I want a comic accurate Johan Hex film!

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There’s an Alfred series called Pennyworth coming on Epix.

I want an Alfred show so bad!Never heard of Epix, is it another subscription based service I need to Shell out $7.99 for? sighhh

How about a Death In the Family movie with the Jason Todd character from Titans getting killed

Cable channel. Usually pay. And no, its $9.99 for the streaming version!

@LifeNoob98 That would be epic!

@MisfitHighlander be It’s getting so hard to watch TV now adays. You practically have to be a Billionaire

Regarding Alfred on Epix, I totally forgot about that but am now once more anticipating it!

I think Epix is included in most cable packages. They may have other options too. My cable bundle includes different versions of Epix.

I want some exclusive animated movies. Especially a Nightwing animated movie!


Maybe a Wonder Women movie? We haven’t got one of those in a long time!


Cool idea but probably not financially feasible