DC Universe Original Movies

I think it would be great and a real draw if DC Universe started making their own films. I’m sure they can’t be large budgets, but if they were modest budgets enough to make an interesting vision, made by up and coming directors, and with some well-known actors, that could be exciting. They could utilize characters not as known and create a film and library for true fans. Also, take a majority of a budget of a series and put it into one single film and make it an event.

DC Universe live action film ideas:

  • the Spoiler
  • Vixen
  • Hawkman & Hawkgirl
  • the Spectre
  • Booster Gold
  • Blue Beetle
  • Fire & Ice

Aren’t movies just short tv series?

I don’t get the need for movies.

Love the idea of a Fire and Ice movie… or series. As for the movies, I would not be surprised if the animated movies didn’t move towards becoming DCUniverse exclusives, as DVD’s are slowly becoming less and less profitable, especially first run DVD movies. I know that is not what you meant but seems like a more likely way DCU will have original movies.

Hawkman and hawkgirl would be great!!


I don’t see movies as being short tv series :roll_eyes:. I would like to see all the money of an entire series focused on one story, with better production, and effects.

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I want a Booster and Beetle movie soooooo bad. I’d also love to see a Sandman (Vertigo) film.