DC Universe Online's Next Episode Will Be Birds of Prey

Not too much of a surprise, considering the game’s history of movie tie-ins, but at least we’ll get to visit the Clocktower for the first time!

The DLC arrives in April.


Saw this earlier through my Google news feed. Wonder why they didn’t release this in January to lead into the movie on February 7. Seems to me better tie-in promotion would be just before the box office release and then ride the wave through the 90 day theatrical window and boom, tie-in with physical media.

I’m sure they would have loved to have it out in time for the movie, but they just released an Episode in December (Metal Part II). 2019’s release schedule was a bit out of whack because of the launch of DCUO on The Switch - they usually don’t give us content so close to the holidays - so everything got pushed back a bit.

Historically, they need a good three to four months for a full episode, so April seems about right. Hopefully the movie will be so awesome, we’ll still be talking about it then. :slight_smile:

That’s just proof the right hand (marketing) doesn’t know what the left (creative) is doing in big companies. I get that Daybreak is making DCUO, but they must have had at least two years notice about Birds of Prey. So, they could have lined up the Metal Part II content was released at a diferent time to allow that to flow.

I’ve always been curious, since I’m not far enough into the game to know… But how much content is usually included in these episodes? Does it always include new story quests and stuff?

These days, an episode usually includes
-An Open-World Area with missions and bounties
-A Duo or a Solo
-An Alert (4 player instance)
-Two Raids (8 player instance)
-Two Elite versions of the same Raids
-A few new sets of gear (new styles and higher stats)
-Random other new stuff like trinkets and base items

There’s some variance from Episode to Episode, especially if you’re looking at stuff from the first few years.

So all-in-all it’s pretty worth it then? Especially if you’re just paying a subscription fee?

I’m very early into the game, but the idea of playing in the DCU really appeals to me, the game just seems so unpolished compared to something like FFXIV.

Is the story content pretty decent? I’m sorry for all the questions, I’m just super interested!

No need to apologize - I’m happy to help!

For me, the subscription is worth it. But I might be an outlier - I love the DCU so much, the joy of running around in/on Metropolis, Gotham, Oa, Atlantis, Thanagar and Themyscira hasn’t worn off - not even after 9+ years. Heck, sometimes I like to queue into an instance like Smallville and run through the corn fields (after we contain Doomsday, of course).

Like any MMO that has lasted this long, there are pros and cons to the game. The story isn’t nearly as involved as that in FFXIV, but there are some really fun adventures in DCUO. I think that it’s the gameplay that brings a lot of people back over and over.

And of course, that’s another of the benefits: if you decide to drop your sub, you can still play for free for quite awhile before hitting a major paywall.

Feel free to ask anything else that sparks your interest. :slight_smile: