DC Universe Online

Anyone playing DC Universe online? Wondering who’s out there that still plays


I started with the beta and played for a couple years, but I never joined up with a good league and finally dropped off. It was definitely a good game though.

i play once and a while would love to get more into it again

I still play! I have it on ps4.

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I came back this summer and it was my main game. It has changed a lot (hadn’t payed much since it first released) but with new games coming out this fall I decided to take a break again.

I still log in now and again but it has become tedious imo. Also, can I get dome bat-gear dammit lol

I play all the time stil.l In fact my avatar pic here is of my speedster SPEED AVATAR dressed as Rebirth style Wally West Flash. I frequently post on their message boards under this same handle golddragon71

I played it many years back and it was hard for me to get into it. Though it’s hard for me to get into any MMO. I will say that it was the one MMO that had me more excited than any other, because it was DC and you were a super hero instead of just a fantasy hero killing countless weak monsters.

Would it be good to jump back into now? I’m sure a lot has changed. I may decide to try it again.

I log on to it a couple times every month. Its alot of fun but work gets in the way of playing as much as I would like. Xbox One gamer tag : ManChild1976.

I played for several years but had to break the habit and start living again. LOL. I can say that I has a blast when I was playing; the community was great and the game had high play/replay value. It was by far the most expensive free-to-play game I have ever encountered.