DC Universe Online Launched A Justice League Dark Episode Today

For anyone interested:


They also sprung a Batman Anniversary Celebration on their players:


Set up to tie in to the upcoming release of Shazam!, the episode takes us deep into the mystical corners of the DCU, from Klarion’s Limbo Town to The Rock of Eternity. Constantine, Dr. Fate, Zatanna, The Phantom Stranger, Deadman, Etrigan, Klarion, Felix Faust, Tala, Shazam and Mordru … what more could you ask for? :grin:


Wow nice!


I am so crap at that game though T_T


I haven’t been playing lately But… I have Iconic leagues & fully decorated league halls. “Batfamily Eternal”, “JL Beyond” look for us out there in the Watchtower. PSN

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Is this game worth hoping back into? How much am I looking at to play the new episodes?


In order to play the new Justice League Dark Episode, its costs you … nothing!

In recent years, DCUO has included Event versions of their newest Episode. Events are a smidge easier and don’t have all of the same rewards, but Events can be played by anybody over Level 10 even if you don’t own the Episode or have a subscription. The devs want everybody to be able to play together at endgame, and Events are their answer for that.

It’ll cost a bit to play the older Episodes - I think they’re $6 a piece - or you could subscribe for a month at $15 and have access to every Episode (that’s 34 Episodes at this point).

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I tried it again! Digging the new content I think I am going to get the sub at least for 3 months.

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