DC Universe Online: Extra Life Stream 11/02/19 - Show Us A Screenshot!

DC Universe Online: Extra Life Stream 11/02/19 - Show Us A Screenshot!

Today, we’re giving you a sneak peek into their 16 hour livestream happening from 6:00am PST - 10:00pm PST on Twitch to help support DC Universe Online’s efforts to raise $10,000 for their local Austin Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Dell Children’s Ascension.

If you play DC Universe Online, we’d love to know! Share a screenshot of your gameplay from DCUO in the comments below- We may just have a little something something for you in exchange!

And if you happen to hang out with DC Universe Online on Twitch, they’ll share a token of their appreciation with you: a special gift-code for everyone stopping by to show their support.

Do you play DC Universe Online? Share a screenshot in the comments below!


Nice cross-promotion, DCU/DCUO! I very much enjoyed last year’s stream of this event, AND it’s for a good cause! (And one of my characters is still rocking the halo!) I’ll most certainly tune in (and/or watch at my leisure later).

Do I play? Most every day. I’ve been around since Beta, and I still love DCUO after nearly nine years.

As for screenshots? I suppose I could share a few of the dozens I’ve taken over the years… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Vacation in Metropolis:

A little time on Oa:

And one of my favorites:

(Sorry if the quality of the photos aren’t great. I went from PS4 > phone > computer > DCU.)


i hope everybody sees this!


Cool! Will try to watch some of it and maybe reinstall DCUO

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The Wally West Wing of the Flash Museum


Quick Update:

Though the dev team ended the day with $7,000+ in donations, they found soon after that they’d been the target of DDoS attacks for a large portion of their livecast. Once everything was ironed out and everything was tracked down, they realized they’d actually surpassed their original goal by raising over $11,000!

Happy endings all around. :+1:


Just been playing around with my characters and I realized something
On Earth 11 all of the genders of our recognizable heroes are swapped Batman is Batwoman Wonder Woman is Wonder Man etc… so then it stands to reason that Batwoman aka Kate Kane

would most likely have a counterpart in Batman aka Keith Kane

Here’s how he might have looked in the Golden or Silver age