DC Universe on Raspberry Pi

Hi there, wasn’t sure exactly where to post this, hope its cool here.

I was wondering if there were any tech-savvy people who had gotten the DC Universe site fully working on a Raspberry Pi computer. I don’t have Chromecast or a FireStick so I was hoping to use the Pi to watch DC Universe shows on my TV.

Trying to play a show through a web browser returns an error. It has no problems displaying the comics, just the video content. I’m not sure if DC Universe streams in Flash or HTML5, Pi might not handle Flash I’m guessing. I’m not well versed in this area so Idk if I just need to download some video codecs to solve the issue, or if It can’t be done at all.

If anyone has got DCU running on Pi or had any suggestions to get it working, I’d appreciate the help.

You need widevine to watch videos on the site. You could try to get the android app working, either with an emulator or by installing lineageos.

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Thanks so much. Sorry for my late reply.

I had completely forgotten about widevine. I’ve since gotten it to work with a few workarounds, but it seems like without optimization my Pi3 isn’t powerful enough to decode streaming video at high resolutions. There’s a lot of dropped frames, & even at low res the color quality is kinda suffering. Ah well.