DC universe needs a Dr. Fate series

DC universe needs a Dr. Fate. Series I think with the way DC universe is going , a dark gritty Dr. Fate series would be perfect


Animated or Live Action?

Well our current Doc Fate (Kent Nelson) is sort of a dick ( current run of Justice League Dark) So I’d be curious to see a story of him before this fiasco. I actually liked the younger New52 inhereter of the helm as well, but I’d like to see Kent prior to his decision to pretty much align himself with ones looking to umm…Destroy all magic?

I would love to see him blur the line between hero and villain. We really do need a series with magic characters.

agreed! Whether it’s a “dceu” movie or on dcu…we need to tap into the magical side of DC. That’s why I’m so excited for Swamp Thing cuz I really think we’ll be getting more then we think in terms of content and connecting characters. Probably won’t be like JLA Dark but definitely could see them pulling some aspects of that into the show.

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I want a Dr Fate series out of earth 16 (YJ continuity. Zatara’s struggles with Nabu over humanity would be exceptional.

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I would be up for a Dr. Fate series, and he could be any one doesn’t even have to be some one from the comics, i know most people would probably prefer it if it was some one from the comics, than there would be no reason to change an already pre established character, or even a reason for any one to be upset about changing Dr. Fate in whatever way they felt they needed to for the show.

heck you could even have the Helmet pass from person to person each season if you wanted to. like they said in Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, fate has been lots of different people over the years.

Eh, I’d be more interested in Zatanna or the Phantom Stranger. Maybe Etrigan. Doctor Fate would be pretty cool, though.

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Phantom Stranger would be great. More suspense than horror.


i agree also Phantom Stranger and the Specter to so Make it please


Do it! Dr. Fate is a great binding agent for the universe, am I right?

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If we ever get the privilege of such a series I’d say give us Kent Nelson OR Hector Hall!!!
Geoff Johns has done great stuff with them both. When Johns was done with Fate he was the Lord of Order AND Chaos… Let that sink in.


Dr. Fate’s probably better off in a support role.