DC Universe “Lois Lane” Release Notes: December, 2019

Our December update is code named “LOIS LANE”, perhaps the greatest reporter on the planet. Since her first appearance in Action Comics #1, Lois has found herself at the center of one earth-shattering event after another. She’ll do whatever it takes to get the story and we’ll do whatever it takes to improve DC Universe with new features and better performance.


  • We’ve ensured we are 100% compliant and ready to support user-facing CCPA efforts. (Mobile, Web, OTT)
  • We’re in (a flexible) position to support 2019 Holiday Sales as well as future sales without requiring client releases. (Mobile, Web, OTT)
  • We will remember the starting point before a User enters the Upsell Flow and return them to content when complete. (Mobile, Web)
  • We’re continuing to make the Deeplink experience more reliable for all User types. (Mobile)
  • We’re making it even easier to discover your favorite classic Comic Storylines in Search Results. (iOS, Web)
  • We’ve improved the Search UX by fixing a situation where results fail to load entirely and presenting a better “Searching…” message to Users while results load. (Web)
  • We’ve cleaned up the Hub layouts on Web and optimized various breakpoints so UI looks pretty across many common browser sizes. (Web)
  • We added some polish to the Video Player controls and Navigation Bars. (Android, Web)
  • We added some polish to CBR page transitions and the Menu UI. (Roku)

TL;DR - We spent our month perfecting some basics and improving privacy efforts for our all esteemed citizens.


Can someone put this in layman terms for us?

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I would be happy to! Here are some handy tips:

  • CCPA is an Act passed in California to protect privacy and user data. It stands for California Consumer Privacy Act. Because of this Act in one state, we must bring all states up to the same standards. Basically, you’ll be asked a lot more if you accept website cookies. :cookie: (This was the really time-consuming one, this month, and less visible).
  • A User’s “starting point” is where they are in the service. The product will remember where you started and return you to that point more efficiently when you’ve finished reading a comic or video. :eyeglasses:
  • Deeplinking is when you click links inside of the service, and ensuring they successfully route you to where you’re aiming. :link:
  • It used to be when you searched, you would get a black screen. That won’t happen anymore. :eyes:
  • Our User Interface (UI) is prettier. :rose:
  • Our Video Player and Comic Book Reader page transitions are prettier. :blush:

Hope this helps, let me know if there’s anything else that needs clarifying!


Thank you. That really does help!


Also the downloads not being deleted bug was fixed.


I thought this thread was gonna be about a new Lois Lane show. :laughing:

I’ve been seeing a huge improvement in search for iOS! My friends with Android phones have been feeling left behind though.

Search is very bad on Android

Much worse than it use to be

Searching News always Random Recent having nothing to do with Search words.

If News Search worked could tell members to search it for

Start Reading Topics

Have you tried restricting your search with quotation marks to return more accurate results? For example, instead of searching:
Start Here

Try searching with quotation marks around the words:
“Start Here”

The improvements listed about are in regards to the design work, not the search result return. I think this little trick above will help.

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It is the Search. Engine

I am talking about the Search. outside of Community

Itis much better with characterz andi ssues⁶

Indeed! In reference to the search engine found on dcuniverse.com, please try adding quotation marks and let us know if that improves your search results in News. Glad to hear the other areas are improved for Android :slight_smile:


Quotation Marks don’t work

I have had some luck with.Crome browser by itself even beng able to copy the link.

I have found out recently how to copy the link.for Topics within.Community and particular issues in Comic Books, all within the App itself

No such luck in the New Section in The App

I like her comic title though

Which is?

A 12 issue series that started in July

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Great Job DC, this really helps with my android!