DC Universe is the best comic streaming service, here's why

First, I’m want to start saying how grateful I’m for this service. Spoiler alert, this post is mostly about praising this service and how freaking amazing it is.

Why? Because good thing should be notice. Let’s start!

The comic selection is amazing, it doesn’t have the newest issues for obvious reason or any of the other imprint DC own, but for someone that haven’t been up to date in DC comic this last decade it have a lot of content to enjoy.

The quality of the comic image scans is fantastic, I’m not gonna lie, at first I started using the browser to read comic and the quality there is not that good, but after trying the alternatives, those being MU (Marvel Unlimited) and CU (Comixology Unlimited) browser experience, DCU browser image quality is not that bad. I highly recommend using a android emulator to view comics on PC the quality there is so much better.

Personally I bough a Fire 10 HD tablet for this app alone, an the comics look so good there, very crisp and clear I can’t believe it. Unfortunately the rival of this, MU, android app image quality is so bad that using smart panel there is impossible because it render the image too blurry to even enjoy and that service cost 9.99 a month and they don’t bother to make a good android app, in their defense I have read that the IOS app is a lot better and have tested that their browser comic scan quality is decent, but navigating that webpage is bad.

Everything in DCU is connected, from my phone, pc, tv and now tablet I can access all of my to read list and read where I left, this another feature missing from MU, they don’t even have a TV app. (yes I like to read comics in a 55’ TV)

Comixology on the other hand, it sync your progress from browser and app, but you have to download before reading, don’t bother using the browser for CU, is so bad that it amaze me is even an option. The comic collection there is interesting, you get a lot of different genre and there’s also a lot of DC and Marvel in there and even manga. For 5.99 if you have a tablet or emulate android is a really good deal, just don’t expect to read a whole series without paying extra, even older ones.

I will not talk about the other features DCU have (streaming, Encyclopedia and community forum) because this is about the comics.

I hope this service last years to come. The price of 7.99 a month is incredible!

If you appreciate this service already, great! If not, I hope this give you some perceptive, and yes, I agree, there is always space for improvements.


Are we throwing a DCU love fest? I’m in :grin:! To everything you mentioned, I’ll add that this DCU community in and of itself is one of the best parts of the service. I enjoy my time on these boards immensely. Great members, great mods, and fun times :slightly_smiling_face:.


I agree is a really nice bonus, my favorites being reading order post, book club (even if I haven’t become part of the discussion in them, yet. I lurk around and read what they post weekly, currently on the batman one :batman_hv_1: ) and the fanart/collection post.


Love the comics too. Have not had as much chance to read recently as I would like. But as someone who had to scale way back for financial reasons around 10 years ago I am loving having not only the stuff from then but so much stuff from the past to enjoy.


I’ve been praising the mods for so long their probably like ok already we get it lol. I use an Appletv & the comics look incredible. When I’ve used my iPad for comics it’s unreal too. The community, giveaways, comics, news articles etc. imho what’s not to love?


lol, they really deserve the praise. I wasn’t gonna write this at the start, not gonna lie, but the more I think about the app the more I geek out about it and that itch that force you to talk about what you like took over me, so, I scratch it. I just limit myself to the comics or else it would have been too much plus the other service are comic only.


Exactly the point I was making defending it since day 1. People would say cosmixology was way better etc. I always said I have no idea what that site involves or the Marvel site’s people kept saying we’re better. I said, idk anything about that but I guarantee w/o even knowing they don’t have a community, giveaways, contests, interactive mods to help & encourage u, it’s own tv shows including DC Daily etc. I never heard a you’re wrong about that so I just assume I was right. That was when there were barely any comics on here. Now the comics are amazing & it’s even better. Good for u tho. I’ll geek out with u about this site all day.


I was surprised when I tried Marvel’s app recently and found out that it is worse than DC’s in so many ways. Especially considering that it has been around significantly longer.
I like comixology’s app a lot but their selection is much worse. Mainly because so few series are completely available.


Is incredible that in so many years the app is on that state, I was using it recently to read gwenpool, but then I found out that serie is in comixology with like 100% better quality, but like you say, is no complete in there, so I finish the last 10 issues in MU with low quality.

I may keep MU sub, because I want to read a few series there, but im not happy with it and make me feel like im helping it to stay in that state by not unsubbing, but I don’t feel they care either way.

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Price wise, this app pays for itself over and over for me. Just to highlight one big plus, you can download as many comics as you want for reading. So, I can have multiple storylines going, plus a smattering of Golden Age comics that I’m slowing working through.


I think that is a big advantage of DC Universe, they actually listen to feedback from users.


Here here!




Glad you’re enjoying the DC Universe @kam, I agree it’s the best, first The DC mods are the best cause they work so hard making this place fun to visit and to interact. Then the comics are great! For the past year and a half I got to read some comics for the first time. It’s also great to see comics I grew up with! My only complain is which comic to read first?!
As for their Streaming service and Shop I really enjoy them as well! If you have any question DC Mod @Applejack has a office hour in community events where she’ll answer your question you may have every Thursday. :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah the comic book section is nice and all. it really is. only thing is they are missing a lot of comic book series. to many to name. but i’m sure over times they will get added.

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I would say that my DC Universe app is used more than any other app - and has been for quite some time. Now that I am getting involved more on the Community part I check back many times per day. I am reading like 4 different series at the moment and catching up on YJ - next is Green Lantern AS - love it all!!


I love this app but does anyone else have any trouble finding the storylines. Like I’ll be reading Batman on a 8 part storyline but and I’ll have no idea where to see the missing “chapters” cuz it’ll jump from 2 to 4 without any indication (That I could find) as to what series to switch to in order to find part 3

First of all, Welcome! @harley00365.22724

From what I have read when the service started, comic selection was very limited and used to be rotated from time to time, I may be wrong there, so don 't quote me on that last part.

Look at it now, also if you want to have a serie taken into consideration to be added there is post in the suggestion sub forum that you can use for that.

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I tried it when I was $5 n loved that I could download the movies and comics when I would take the train but since have stoped for financial issues. I haven’t been much on the community because I’m very shy I just hop on n lurk lol, hoping I can find some ppl from nyc n hangout to talk about dc


I absolutely love the DCU streaming service. It is everything to me!